Naamkaran: Samrat (Bhavesh Balchandani) turns Kebab Mein Haadi in Karan (Zaan Khan) Saisha's (Payal Bhojwani) budding love
In the upcoming episode of Star Plus most popular show Naamkaran loyal viewers will get to witness interesting twist with Samrat turning Kebab Mein Haadi in Karan Saisha's budding love.

Karan makes his entry in Ladies washroom where Saisha gets carried away in his love feelings.

Saisha starts liking Karan and wants to have a piece of Karan where just to save self prestige Karan asks Saisha for a coffee date.
While Samrat gets irked over the same and warns Saisha to not go on a date with Karan.

Samrat Saisha and Karan’s love twist begins
Samrat likes Saisha while Saisha does not have any feelings for Samrat but crush on Karan.

It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.

Will Samrat turning Kebab Mein Haadi make Saisha realise her feelings for Samrat or will Saisha get irked with Samrat’s interference in her budding love with Karan?
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