Naamkaran: Kamini Kapoor marriage decision, Saisha is Mishti truth revealed
Star Plus’ most popular show Naamkaran is up for more exciting twists and turns in show.

Kamini decided to marry Kk with Saisha to save KK from all media scandals while Avni turned as big hurdle amid their grooving love story.

Where further Avni denied to accept KK Saisha love story where Neil revealed that Saisha is Mishti forth family.
However where further whole family gets furious with all this where further Neil is shattered with all this.

Shweta furious over Avni throws her belonging away
However where on other hand, post knowing the truth, furious Shweta throws all belongings away where she wants Neil to forget Avni.

While Neil trying to stop all this while he also wants to go away from Avni forever.

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in Naamkaran.
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