The Episode starts with Naira asking baby to sleep. She says babies are restless at night. He says police is trying to find her parents. She says how can anyone leave such an adorable baby, how. He says she won’t sleep today. They take care of baby and smile. They get some smell and look around. They say the one chosen by baby will clean it. Baby sees Kartik. He says not me, please, I have never done this. Naira says I will do everything, feeding and all, but not this. They apply clippers to their nose and change the diaper. They take a breath. Naira says she will leave once her parents are found. He says yes, then we will miss her. She asks will she miss us. He says don’t know, I m already getting senti, don’t say this. She says me too.
Suwarna says Shubham, the truth is you are my son, I won’t be able to see your pain, I m your mum, tell me, I will find a solution. He thinks of Suwarna stopping Naira. He says promise me then. She promises and asks what’s the matter. He asks if you don’t keep the promise, I will do the unthinkable, I love a girl, I want to marry her, you will get me married to her, you have to keep your promise, if you do this, I will accept that you regret your doing and love me equally as Kartik, please do this and make my life. Kartik says Akhilesh said he will manage baby if we are facing a trouble. Naira says no, we aren’t troubled. Kartik says inspector called them and said baby’s parents aren’t found. Naira asks baby not to get sad. He says see she is awake like its day. She says all babies are such. He recalls his words.
He says how stupid I was, I told Dadi that I don’t want a baby, don’t know what I said, I wish I could take back my words, ever since this baby came, I understood babies are imp in life, this baby changed everything, just imagine if our baby is with us, our life will be so special. She says I already imagined and wanted to tell you, I was scared you may feel bad. He asks why will I feel bad, babies are gifts, who can refuse such cute gifts. They take selfie with baby. Suwarna comes. Kartik asks is everything fine. Suwarna says baby’s parents are found, inspector has brought them, he called you downstairs. Kartik and Naira get sad and kiss baby.
Inspector says girl was stolen from the train, the way you all took care of her, don’t know anyone else would have done this or not. The couple thanks Dadi. Surekha asks them to stay calm, baby is coming. Kartik and Naira get baby. Dadi smiles. The couple thanks them. Kartik and Naira stop them and kiss the baby. The couple leaves. Aryan sees Suhana’s pic and says tomorrow we will unite forever on holi. Kartik and Naira miss the baby. She says we will smile and think if her smiling face. He says we will try to have such baby with us till next Holi, understood. She nods and hugs.

Its morning, Suwarna thinks of Aryan’s words and cries. She says I did wrong with him since his birth, since I realized my mistake, I want to repent. She talks to Lord. She says my son asked something, I will give him his happiness at any cost, on the day of Holi, I kept my prayers for my son in this mannat round, don’t refuse to it.
Kartik wakes up and smiles. He says I will apply colours first. He shouts happy holi and sees just pillows and wig beside. He says my plan failed. Naira comes and says its not bravery to throw colours on sleeping person, if you dare, throws colours on me now. She throws colours. They throw colours at each other. Rangey hai dono….plays…. They argue. He says I will colour you first, challenge. She says fine dream anything, I heard one who loves more applies colour first. He says then see who loves whom the most, get ready. She says ready. Naksh says how shall I tell them, I don’t want to spoil their mood, I want to say I didn’t like what she did. Baisa scolds Kirti for not keeping sweets safe. Kirti apologizes. Naksh says she would have not done this intentionally. Baisa asks how will we go to Goenkas now. Naksh says we will get sweets from Krishna. They go. Naksh asks Kirti not to spoil her mood, its their first holi today, lets keep it happy. He fills sindoor in her maang and applies colour. She wishes him and hugs. Kartik asks Naira to get ready. Naira says countdown starts after getting puja tika. Dadi applies tika to everyone and blesses.
Suwarna sees Aryan. Dadi does tika to Kartik and Naira. They do tika to Dadi. Kartik says let us apply colours to you. Dadi says no, I don’t like it, stay away from me. Suwarna thinks shall I talk to Naira to fulfill Shubham’s wish, I won’t trouble her, she might get married, no, its her first holi, I will talk to Kartik and Naira after festival. Naira says we will apply little colour on your cheeks. Dadi says no, I will get angry, don’t be stubborn. Naira says I m requesting. Dadi orders her and says promise me you won’t apply colours. Naira says I won’t promise. Dadi goes and warns them. Kartik says I promise you, if Naira applies colours, I will also do it. They all agree. Kartik says its just colours. Suwarna goes to Aryan and says I m with you, I will fulfill your wish. Aryan smiles. Naira says stay alert Dadi, colours can come from anywhere. Kartik and Naira take colours and drop on Suwarna’s aarti plate.
Dadi shouts Naira and calls her. Everyone looks on.

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