The Episode starts with Dadi asking Naira to apply her colours. Naira applies some. Dadi asks are colours applied like this. She smears more colours and says happy holi. She asks them to sing and dance. They all look on. Dadi sings Balam pichkari…… Everyone dances. Manish sees Aryan and goes. Suwarna signs to Aryan. Aryan smiles. Naira cleans her dress and signs Kartik. Everyone dances. Kartik goes after Naira. He sees mirrors around. He sees a beautiful colourful uniform. Naira says its our first Holi after marriage, I want to make it special, this seven coloured unicorn says never let the magic end in life, magic of love, trust, affection….He sees the colours. She says the one who has these seven colours will have happiness always, do you think we have these seven colours
in our lives. He says yes. She says then colour me with them. He says first come in front. She says find me. The curtains fall down. He sees Naira’s reflection in all the mirrors. He runs to find her. Piya sawari…..plays….. They collide. He smiles. She runs again. She gets colours for him. They apply colours to each other. They hug.
Dadi starts naagin dance. Everyone gets shocked. Dadi laughs and says Naksh, what happened, I thought this was your fav dance, you have shown such moves in Naira’s marriage, come for dance. Manish asks what happened to mum. Akhilesh asks did she drink thandai. Manish says but that never comes here. Servants understand the tablets fell in the juice and worry. Dadi asks someone to come and dance. Kartik asks what happened to Dadi. Naira says she looks under some influence, so she asked me to apply colours. Dadi asks can someone from Singhanias challenge me. Rajshri says I m here…. Naksh cups his face. Rajshri says I will challenge you. She also does naagin dance. Everyone laughs. Kartik and Naira hold them and say stop, its over.
Suhana sits in Aryan’s room and smiles. Rahul is on the way. Rajshri asks Dadi to have some sugar, she will speak sweeter words. Dadi says you stop sugar and ghee, you win everyone by sugary and buttery talks. Kartik says I think something will happen today. Rajshri says butter gives us strength. Dadi says smartness is better than physical strength. Kartik asks Naira to do something. Naira says they isn’t listening.

Dadi says don’t teach me, ask her to keep quiet. Rahul reaches there. Dadi says I started naagin dance, ask her to do some other dance. Rajshri says Naagin dance is of my Naksh, ask her to do elephant or horse dance. Dadi says she just called me an animal, she even called me a buffalo. Rajshri says I will call you a zoo. They all laugh. Rajshri and Dadi see them. Rajshri asks why are you all laughing. Dadi says maybe they all are drunk. Rajshri laughs and says everyone is laughing, so I m laughing, even you laugh. They laugh.
Rahul pushes Aryan. Aryan falls down. Kartik holds Rahul’s collar and asks who are you, how dare you touch my brother. Everyone gets shocked. Rahul scolds back Kartik. He says its your brother’s mistake, he belongs to rich family and did such a cheap thing. Kartik asks what’s the matter. Rahul says he instigated my sister and made her elope. Manish asks what nonsense, who are you. Rahul says ask your son, who am I, where is my sister, tell me where is Suhana, shall I call police. Aryan recalls Suhana’s words and shouts Suhana is mine, none can snatch her from me. They all get shocked.

Aryan says I wanted you all to meet her after the festive, Suhana and I love each other and want to marry. Rahul asks them is this what they taught Aryan. Aryan says I didn’t do anything wrong, you are doing wrong to force her to marry someone else, knowing she loves me. Naira says we shall call her and ask. Manish says yes, call her. Aryan says no need to call, I will get her, she is inside the house. They get shocked. Akhilesh asks is she in our house. Aryan says yes, she got scared and came here. Surekha says a stranger came in our house and we have no idea. Rahul says now you will be charged for kidnapping. Aryan says I will get her. Kartik stops him and says just understand when someone asks you to stop. He sends Naira. Suhana says I think Aryan is very rich. She sees the cash in his wallet. Naira comes and says Suhana….. Suhana turns….
Rahul says I will file a case against him. Manish calls inspector. Suhana says please don’t call police. Naira asks why are you so scared Suhana.

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