The Episode starts with Naira calling out Kartik. He goes. Naitik and Manish look on. Naira follows Kartik. Yeh rishta….plays…. Dadi cries. A guy sees Dadi and says she is engulfed in her own worries, its good my work will get easy. Rajshri and Suwarna come there and pray. Dadi says I heard if intentions are good, everything gets fine, why did this happen with me, I had never thought of separating children. Rajshri says things don’t happen as we want. They pray for Naira.

Naira dances with the local women. Kartik sees her and gets surprised. She apologizes. His imagination ends. She thinks I m so stupid to make this big mistake. Kartik turns and sees her. Women bring them close. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. 
She says I have hurt you a lot, forgive me if you can.  She goes. Aryan recalls Manish’s slap. He sees a couple fighting. He says Kartik and Naira are also fighting, but they are together, and I m sitting alone in crowd, whom shall I make my GF, there is no one. A girl hears him and turns to see.
Naira sits crying and says I would have never let this happen. Some men come there in disguise. A girl dances on Chhaliya chhaliya….. Aryan smiles seeing her. Naira asks the men to go, she is in bad mood, everyone knows Tina. The men run. Two men stay back. Naira says go away, else I will beat you. Kartik comes and beats them. He scolds them and says I can deal with two of you alone. They run away. Kartik and Naira argue. He says did you think about me. Yeh rishta kya…..plays… Naitik and Manish remove the masks and come to Rajshri and Suwarna. Naitik says Kartik is young and mighty, thank God Naira didn’t beat us. Rajshri says I told you this way is dangerous. Manish says we want to unite them.
Suwarna says we should talk to them straight. Aryan asks the girl does she know him. She says yes, all media companies run on Goenka’s tunes, you are way different than other Goenkas. He turns away. She says I mean you are so rich, famous and handsome, you have no ego, these days people lose humility before they get rich, I know a lot about you, I m Suhana. He compliments her. Rajshri and Suwarna come to Kartik. Naitik and Manish come to Naira. Kartik says why are you telling me. Suwarna says we spoke to her. Rajshri says she realized her mistake.

Manish and Naitik ask her to do something. Naira says what can I do if Kartik runs away. Kartik says sorry, I can’t express what I m going through. Naitik says your relation is not so weak to break so easily. Naira says I would have not done this if I was in his place. Manish asks what would you do. Kartik says I didn’t ask her to clarify. Manish says men are stranger, some times a trivial thing hurts a lot, Kartik is going through the same seeing papers. Naitik says Kartik’s anger will get less knowing you didn’t send the papers. Naira says I told him, but he didn’t believe it. Kartik says reason is something else. Kartik and Naira defend themselves. The elders explain them and wish them all the best. They leave.
Kartik and Naira are in ashram. Goons come there to kidnap kids. Naira wakes up.

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