The Episode starts with Kartik running away. Naira goes after him. Suwarna wishes no other problem gets created. Naira runs after Kartik. She says who was he chasing, he maybe in trouble. She sees a van leaving. She runs to Hari’s house. Dadi says where did Naira go. Suwarna says maybe she has seen Kartik. Naitik says I hope he is not in trouble. Bhabhimaa calls and asks did Kartik come. Naitik says he is on the way. Bhabhimaa says I will distribute sweets here when puja is done. Naitik ends call and says I lied as everyone is worried for him. Naira drives a jeep. Kartik asks the men to leave him. He sees Pungi and kids and says have courage, I promise I will safely drop you to orphanage. Biju says don’t make such promise, Maharaj took money and we have to deliver kids today. Naira says what happened that Kartik rushed back, there is some problem.
Maharaj asks Dadi to call children for puja. Dadi wishes they come. She says give me some mantra to solve every problem. He thinks I don’t care for them or puja, I just want my work to be done, else no one can save them. Kartik says I had a doubt, but I didn’t know you will do this. Naira sees the car and follows. Kartik hits the driver. The car stops. Kartik beats the goons. Naira’s jeep stops. She says not now, please, its imp to reach Kartik. Kartik opens the back door and gets kids out. He asks Pungi to take them to safe place. He opens the ropes. Naira says please make me reach Kartik. A goon hits on his head with a rod. Kartik faints. The jeep starts. Naira drives hastily. She sees some kids on the way. She asks are you all fine, where is Kartik. They tell everything. She gets shocked. She hugs them and says go to ghat, my and Kartik’s dads are there, tell everything to them, don’t stop on the way, where is Pungi. The kid says she was in jeep. She says fine, Kartik is with her, run. The kids run. Naira sees the empty car and looks for Kartik. She sees Kartik’s slipper there. Kids come to ghat. Maharaj says mahurat is passing by, your children didn’t come, its imp that they come. He sees kids coming and signs his men. Kids tell everything to Manish and others. Manish and Naitik rush. Maharaj looks on.
Naira shouts kartik and looks for him. Manish says Biju was taking care of kids instead Negi, he kidnapped the kids, Kartik went after him, Naira too went, find them. Inspector asks them not to worry. Dadi praus. Naira sees the snow figures and says I feel you are around, why can’t I see you. She prays. Maharaj talks to Biju on call and says the matter reached police. Biju says no, give me some time, I will teach a lesson to Kartik. Maharaj says I don’t want any bloodshed. Biju says Kartik spotted me and chased me, I have made him unconscious and buried him in snow, the cold weather will do our work, he would be dead. Maharaj asks what about kids. Biju says they will be delivered today. Maharaj says Naira would be there, be careful. Biju says she would be finding her husband, how will she find him in so much snow. Naira falls down. Naitik says children’s lives can be at stake. Manish asks does child trafficking happen here.
Inspector says yes, don’t worry, I will find out. Dadi says Naira should have told us, Kartik is with goons, Lord protect them. Maharaj says don’t worry. Dadi says I m ready to do any puja for them. His man says think about it, don’t refuse later. Maharaj says tell her the result of refusing. The man shows the fire and threatens. He says Maharaj knows where they are, its his game, he can safe them or kill them. They get shocked. Manish says how dare you. The men catch him. Maharaj says you won’t get anything by beating me, if anything happens to me, your entire family will be destroyed. They get shocked. Maharaj says you have no option than to agree to me. Naira wakes up. Her feet gets stuck in a rope. She pulls it. She sees Kartik inside a snow figure. She shouts Kartik……
Naira gets Kartik out of the snow. She says please get up Kartik. She shouts for help

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