Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita coming close due to Simmi cunning trap for Raman
No doubt Simmi and Param have made Raman life equal to hell in the Star plus daily soap Yeh Hai MOhabbatein.

The show is keeping viewers hook to the show as per its complex revenge saga where Simmi is crossing all besharmi limits to ruin Raman and Ishtia life.

Shockingly now Simmi plans to send Raman to mental asylum.

For the nasty trap Simmi plots Raina who claims to Raman that he is father of her child and if he wants to save his respect he will have to kill her husband.
Raman is all the more stuck in big problem that he starts losing his mental balance.

But thanks to Ishita that she learns Simmi entire planning and plotting.

Ishita turns Raman support system
Eventually Ishita learns entire mystery and turns support system for hubby Raman.

Raman will now share all his pains and wounds with Ishita while Ishita will now open war to protect her family and hubby Raman from Simmi and Raina nasty trap.
It would be pleasing moment to watch Raman and Ishita refreshing love story.

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