Naamkaran Upcoming Twist: Kamini pissed off with Karan and Saisha wedding
Even after Kamini every possible evil effort in the daily soap Naamkaran,

Karan and Saisha have finally got married with all rituals taking Neil blessings.

Kamini is all left pissed off with Karan step against her, thus Kamini pretends that she has accepted Saisha as daughter-in-law but inside she turns revengeful.
Kamini sweet trap for Saisha
Soon she will begin her deadly game where she will aim to make Saisha life worst than hell.

What will happen if Saisha will come in Kamini trap?

Will Avni and Neil save Saisha?

Or Saisha marriage will become death trap for her?
Let’s see what new twists and turns will come up in Saisha life.

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