Bepanaah: Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopra) goes through police investigation, Arjun hides major truth 
The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Bepanaah is up for some interesting twist and drama.

Zoya and Aditya are in major mess as police arrests them and investigates about Yash and Pooja's case.
Police doubts that Yash and Pooja didn't had their accident but it was a pre-planned murder and now their doubt is over Zoya and Aditya.

Zoya cries out her pain and refuses to be against Yash and Pooja or have killed them while Aditya says that if he would have known about Pooja's betrayal he would have killed get by his own hands.

Arjun hides major truth about Yash and Pooja's murder
Arjun on other hand has Pooja's dairy which contains major truth which he is trying to hide from the world.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episode

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