Bepanaah: Aditya Zoya's one night stand in Jungle twisting up the entire concept of Bepanaah

Colors Daily soap Bepanaah is gearing up for some funny tactics in the storyline after Aditya and Zoya fool Rajeev and escape from his reach.
But eventually Rajeev catches them and asks them to surrender or he will shoot them.

Though they didn't confess their defeat as they want to prove themselves innocent, they throw chilly powder on Rajeev's face and escape again.
Aditya and Zoya's hide n seek in a jungle
Aditya and Zoya will coincidentally enter a jungle where they will face many ups and downs.

Aditya and Zoya will groove love in the jungle and with this adventurous jungle lane, their love story will groove changing the entire concept of Bepanaah.
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