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Colors TV’s Bepannaah is reaching new heights of mystery and romance with Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda. The fans were eagerly waiting to see the mystery behind Pooja and Yash’s death on the show unravel, but they also want to see the sparkling romance between Aditya and Zoya. While the current track shows how they are getting close through the different moments, Apurva Agnihotri’s entry as the CBI officer is going to take the show to another level. In the last promo, we saw how Mahi will join hands with him and frame the accident of Yash and Pooja, as murder. Moreover, they will frame Aditya and Zoya as the murderers. While the mystery is yet to unravel, the latest promo shows that Zoya and Aditya will join hands to prove their innocence.
While Zoya and Aditya are busy with the cricket match to get the contract to save the company, they have been pretending to be husband and wife. Yesterday’s episode suggested that Apurva as the CBI officer was already involved with Kalpesh, the contractor and planned all these. Today, he will make a dashing entry in between the match and probably soon he will join hands with Mahi and start the framing game. The promo suggests that Zoya and Aditya will be hiding from the police. While Zoya is dumbstruck at the situation, Aditya will say that they have to stay together and fight the battle. We guess, through the situations, Aditya will fall in love with Zoya and this will irk Mahi. She may then join hands with the CBI officer and then Aditya will protect Zoya from all. But only time will tell how all this will happen. Moreover, the mystery of the dairy and the accident is also yet to be revealed.

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