Ishqbaaz: Furious Shivaay confronts Anika over her silly mistake
Ishqbaaz is all set to bring in new trouble in Shivaay and Anika's life after they have begun their love life again.

Shivaay is getting ready for the office that Anika confesses to Shivaay that she will be posting their romantic moments on Social Media.

Shivaay is not ready to do so but Anika is adamant to share every update on social media while at last he agrees.
Apparently, Shivaay plays his presentation in the meeting but shockingly Shivaay and Anika's funny dance video plays,

Furious clients cancel their deal with Shivaay while Shivaay gets furious on Anika as it was the biggest business deal for him.

Shivaay and Anika's major confrontation
Anika's craze for Social media is getting intense even after Gauri and Bhavya confess Anika to not share everything on social media, it's not good.
It would be quite interesting to watch how Anika will tackle Shivaay's anger.

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