Siddhi says Shivaye speaks out of his ignorance, he thinks I added something in this, then I will have the laddoo chosen by Shivaye. Shivaye gives her a laddoo. She eats it and coughs. Bhavya signs Rudra to see. Siddhi gets fine and says I didn’t add anything in the offertory, as I said, you need to be my disciple and distribute the prasad to everyone. He says okay, fair enough. Gauri says give by right hand. Shivaye gives laddoos/prasad to everyone. Siddhi says I m very pleased by you, I will feed you laddoo by my hands.
She feeds him. Everyone claps. They all clap. Everyone gets fainting. They fall down. They all are taken to their rooms. The man comes to Siddhi and says everyone fainted, even the security guards. Siddhi smokes. She says its time for the biggest loot. He says I thought Shivaye will fail our plan. She says fools are those who consider themselves the smartest, our work will be done till they get conscious, go and prepare for the puja. She goes to Dadi. Dadi wakes up and says Siddhi, you are here. Siddhi says its time for puja. Dadi says I will call everyone. Siddhi says you need to perform the puja for the family’s happiness, if you think certain things are breaking your family, then get those things. Dadi gets the jewellery and property papers, and entire cash she had at home.
Siddhi asks her to forget the assets now and pray for the family’s peace and happiness now. She says close your eyes and pray with all your heart. She puts something in the havan kund. The man checks the jewellery boxes. Siddhi asks Dadi not to open her eyes and pray sincerely. Dadi falls down. Siddhi says our work is done, lets go. Lights get on. They get shocked seeing everyone. Shivaye asks are you going without giving blessings. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya rush to Dadi. Siddhi says you all fainted right. Media comes. Dadi wakes up. Shivaye says this is our miracle, if you are everyone’s Maai, I m your Daddy, as you all can see, Siddhi Maa was stealing our valuables and fleeing. Reporter says we heard a lot about her, but she got saved as we had no proof, its good you called media here and helped us catch her red handed. Anika says I feel Siddhi isn’t able to understand how you did this. Reporter asks how did you do all this.
Shivaye says I had a doubt on her, I thought its fine if Dadi gets happiness by visiting the ashram, but this woman came home to fool family, I decided to expose her true face, when Bhavya gave me info about her, my doubts were confirming, Om and Bhavya did research on her and told me how she hypnotizes people during puja and runs away with valuables, I understood she will do the same in the puja at home, I asked Khanna to find out what she mixes in the prasad, then I spoke to my doctor and asked for his help to get similar looking thing. FB shows the Moments. Shivaye says I have collided with her to interchange the bottles. He recalls. He says she thought she fainted us, she didn’t know we were just acting, I had told everyone by text to faint after having laddoos. Anika says she didn’t know you changed the bottles. Shivaye says she is a clever woman. Rudra says I told the same, maybe I spoke the truth because of divine Durga. Bhavya says its Saraswati ji.
Shivaye says Siddhi knew I will force her to have laddoos, so she had the antidote in advance. He says you read everyone’s mind, could you not read mine, Dadi, Siddhi Maa was stealing our valuables and fleeing, but we caught her red handed, she was misusing your faith. Gauri asks what about her miracles, her throne was flying and prasad came in your hand. He says its not a miracle, but just a technique, did anyone think why does she sit only on this throne and make it levitate. He asks for remote. He throws the remote to Rudra and sits. The throne gets raised in air. Everyone looks on. Shivaye says this is the miracle, its hydraulic system. Rudra says how did she perform the Mishri/rock candy stunt. Shivaye asks Siddhi to forward her hand. He takes her bangle. He asks Rudra to forward hand. He puts the sugar candy from the bangle. She says she places her hand this way when a devotee asks for her blessing, rock candy comes out from her bangle, this was her technique, she does this to fool people, I wonder why people don’t use their brains, Gauri, Dadi, faith isn’t a bad thing, it gives hope, but don’t make faith blind, we treat frauds like her as God, so she was misusing our faith, answer me, why do you have to pray to such people if you want something from Lord, would a child ask something to mum or someone else, why do you pray to her.
Dadi says you are right. He says we caught this fraud Siddhi Maai, her name is Babita Anand, none can save her today, no lie or miracle can work. He calls inspector and says arrest her. Inspector says thanks, you have made our work easy, many people will realize her trust now. Shivaye stops her and says follow the right path and stop such misdeeds. Dadi says you have made me realize and proved that not just children learn from elders, but elders can learn from children too, one must know the difference between faith and superstition. Om asks Gauri did she understand. Rudra says yes, but what…. Shivaye says one must have faith, not superstitious beliefs. They all say true words…..
Story: Baal Baal Bachche
Its morning, Shivaye wakes up and says I didn’t wake up late, it means Anika woke up early, I hope the day goes well, whenever Anika wakes up early, something goes wrong. Anika says I heard you, you started praising me, you need not justify it, have some coffee. He checks her and asks are you fine. She says I m very much fine, first have the coffee, get ready. He says I haven’t brushed my teeth till now. She says its fine, get ready. She goes. He says why is she behaving weird.

Bhavya asks did you see Rudra, I don’t see him around, he didn’t inform me, he isn’t answering my calls. Om says his friends don’t know about him, Chubby said Rudra was talking weirdly, like his life got ruined. Bhavya says don’t know where did he go.

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