Ishqbaaz 23 May 2018: Shivaay and Omkara try to comfort Rudra over Bhavya's pregnancy

Shivaay notices Anika's smiles and happiness. Shivaay gets tensed to see Anika's typical wife behavior, Anika hesitates but before she can say anything, Bhavya comes worried saying she cannot find Rudra. Everyone gets worried about Rudra, Bhavya starts crying. Bhavya says she had no fight with Rudra. Shivaay and Omkara look out for Rudra, Bhavya informs whereabouts of Rudra's phone. Shivaay and Omkara reach a pub and get shocked to see Rudra dancing with some girls. Rudra gets shocked to see Shivaay and Omkara. Shivaay and Omkara scold Rudra for partying in the morning. Rudra starts crying saying his life is over. Rudra cries saying he is very upset and sad. Shivaay and Omkara throw water on Rudra. Later they take him to a park, Rudra keeps crying saying he got trapped unwantedly. Shivaay and Omkara try to console him. Flashback shows that in the morning, Bhavya feels dizzy and feels nausea. Bhavya tells Rudra to get lime water. Rudra makes lime water for Bhavya in the kitchen, Dadi questions him. Rudra describes Bhavya's symptoms to Dadi, she gets surprised and feels it might be a good news. Rudra gets shocked and the glass slips from his hand. Shivaay and Omkara realize that Bhavya is pregnant.

Ishqbaaz 23 May 2018 Update


Shivaay and Omkara remain shocked. A girl comes and call Rudra as Papa, Rudra gets furious and scolds her mother. Shivaay and Omkara calm him down. Rudra says he was not ready to become a father and all the changes that would come with it. Rudra says he can see his future. Rudra is seen trying to feed a baby, Khanna plays with the baby. Khanna makes fun of Rudra calling him an uncle. Rudra screams imagining his future and begs Shivaay to save him. Shivaay and Omkara try to cheer up Rudra, but Rudra keeps crying. Rudra says he doesn't want to be known as Ruvya's father. Shivaay gets a call from Anika, Shivaay informs Anika that Rudra is fine. Bhavya says she wants to talk to him, Shivaay says Rudra will talk to her once they are back home. Anika consoles Bhavya. Anika feels that Shivaay is hiding something from them. Bhavya confirms to Anika that she had no fight with Rudra. Rudra keeps cribbing about looking after Ruvya the whole time. Rudra tells Shivaay that he could have become a father before him. Omkara tells him that it is Oberoi tradition as Shakti became father before Tej. Shivaay and Omkara tell Rudra to relax and focus on preparing to be a father. Omkara tells Rudra that he and Shivaay will look after Ruvya. Shivaay tells Rudra that after becoming a father, Rudra may actually like it. Shivaay tries to tell positive points about having a baby. They see something.

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