Kumkum Bhagya: King (Mishal Raheja) plans drastic digging out Pragya's past link to Abhi

Abhi and King Singh Tashan will finally unveil the biggest twist in the daily soap of ZEE TV Kumkum Bhagya.

In the coming up episode storyline Abhi and King Singh will have a get together with their families and Abhi will face off Pragya.
Abhi and Pragya will step up to revive old moments but King Singh will stop them introducing Pragya as his wife which will leave Abhi hell shock.

Abhi will be heartbroken knowing Pragya is King's wife and another shock that Kiara is Pragya and King's daughter.
King Singh takes advantage of Pragya
King Singh will suspect Abhi and Pragya's link where he will confront Pragya for the same.

However, Pragya will refuse to say anything but this will leave King Singh doubtful.

Soon King will learn Pragya's past he will get so scared of losing Kiara and Pragya that he will plan to knock out Abhi from Pragya's life.
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