Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi's drastic plan for Pihu behind helping Ishra prove Pihu innocent
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, is all set to begin Courtroom drama in the upcoming series.

Raman has solved Ananya's murder mystery and proved Ishita innocent.

Raman has proved before Family and Simmi that Ananya was mistakenly hit by Pihu that led to Ananya's death, Ishita took all blame on herself to save Pihu from going to jail.

The family is feeling guilty as they tortured Ishita a lot by standing her responsible for Ananya's death while Mrs. Bhalla confess sorry to Ishita and pay tribute to her motherlyhood for saving Pihu's life.
Simmi is also feeling sorry for what she did with Ishita and family, she also confesses sorry to Ishita and Raman and eventually she agrees to prove Pihu innocent in Ananya's murder case.

But who knew that Simmi is playing her another game with Ishita and Bhallas.

Simmi's revenge seeking plan
Simmi can't forget the bitter truth of her life that she lost her beloved daughter Ananya.

Even after learning that Ananya's death was just an accident, Simmi is not ready to forgive Pihu.
It would be a thrill to watch how Simmi will now plan drastic against Pihu taking revenge from Pihu.

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