Room Number 210 it was written on door.. he silently open the door.. he saw her emotionless body lying on bed… he remembered doctors words….
Dr: Mr. Sinhaniya  your baby is no more. You wife had an miscarriage as side effects of  her fall…
he close his eye tightly tears were rolling down through his cheeks.. this was wrong completely wrong.. they were all set for a happy life ahead which was filled with laughter and joy of their baby. He dreamed day and night Spending time with his unborn baby but it completely got changed.. his baby… his and Keerti’s dream… has shattered… he is angry with god and destiny for playing with his emotions and life. ‘how? How can god be so heartless.’. his unborn child was nearly 3 month.. he step forward each  step of him pulling him back  100 steps back.. he can’t see his wife right now.. it’s so hurting for him to even think about it.. tacking courage he step forward towards keerti.
Something was missing in her.. till an hour before she felt she was complete women and her life is filled with joy. But what happen? She lost her child… her dream.  She could feel the emptiness within her. Her womb doesn’t carry her nearly 3 months old child..she wanted so scream and cry but she is so weak. She didn’t feel like meeting anyone.. all of sudden she remembered Naksh… ‘what will I tell him? I failed to protect our 3 months old petal?  He asked me many times to be safe..! what just happen..! what I have done? she closed her eye in pain, sadness and guilty..!
he steped forward hold her shoulder and his leg went weak he didnt have strength to stand neither guts face her..he sat on bed next to her she was facing her back to him.. he rest his head on her hand... both were overwhelmed by the sorrow which was surrounded them.
both of them tried to hid their tears and eye contacts with each other as they were angry and guilty for what happen. they were unable to accept the fact that their child is no more. naksh controled his emotions and struggle to clam down so that he can talk to her. who is broken mentally n physically
As soon as he lie his head on her hand  he could feel her entire body is shivering .
Naksh: Keerti.. soon he raised his head and look towards her, still her back was facing him.. he got up and came front of her. His wife who had a big smile on her face few hours before who was teasing him was completely shattered and crying . he couldn’t see he in such a statues.  She was having fever..
Naksh: you are having fever.
Keerti: I am sorry Naksh.. tensed naksh look in to Keerti’s eyes.. which was filed with regression and tears. She could see pain and concern in his eyes. Holding Naksh’s hand she mange to site on bed. She hold his hand tightly.
Keerti: Naksh we lost our baby.. our bundle of joy... She break down holding his hand. He couldn’t control his tears and sorrow any more he let it flow free.  Releacing his hand he sat next to her and hugged her both of them break down without even exchanging a word.. their eyes were closed she was hold his shirt tightly and he was hugging her trying to gain courage to console her…. But he failed…. He was unable to  clam himself…
Keerti: I am sorry Naksh.. i wasn’t careful enough
Naksh: no it’s my mistake,  it’s my duty to protect you and our child I failed to do so.. keerti raised her head her eyes gaze at the man who was hugging her. She couldn’t still believe this man apologize to her for no reason. He was always there to protect her and their baby, he was so caring and concerned about baby and her health and safety yet he is blaming himself.
Keerti: you shouldn’t you ever there all the time for us, you did nothing wrong Naksh.. he cut off her..
Naksh: I should have taken you to checkup not let you and our child in anyone’s hand. He hugged her again and let his heart out.
Keerti:  I should have listen to you naksh, I should have done to check up with Dadi nothing would have happen and our baby will be with us.. both of them were blaming each other for the situation.
Family was standing few feet away helplessly witnessing KeeSh’s blam game.
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