The Episode starts with Ruhi saying you are doing this for children, I know you can go to any extent for us, what is it, is he blackmailing you about me, Adi or Pihu. Ishita scolds her. She asks Ruhi to enjoy her life, do work, party, but stay away from the problems. Ruhi says I m your elder daughter, its my right to solve your problem. Raman looks on. Ishita asks is this the way an adult behaves, you think its right to do this, you have a doubt, why are you making Raman doubt, what did he do, he has beaten up Parmeet, what if police came and arrested Raman, everything will get spoiled. Ruhi says Parmeet is wrong, he should get punished, stop this drama. Ishita says you stop it, don’t interfere in this matter, you are getting on my head, just leave me alone. Ruhi cries and goes.

She throws
things in anger and says what happened to Ishita. Raman comes and consoles her. She says you don’t understand, why is Ishita behaving so. He says I promise I will find out, stop crying. He hugs her. Shravan comes home and says Raman has beaten up Parmeet, I shouldn’t tell about Adi’s affair, what shall I do, I can’t keep the matter to myself, I will write it down in my diary. Amma comes. He shuts the diary. She asks didn’t you sleep yet. He says I m completing my assignment. She asks him to sleep. Raman gets a call. The lady says I m calling from summer camp regarding Pihu, she got disturbed since her cousin called her, she got high fever, we will take care of her, tell me if she is allergic to any medicine. He says no, just take care of her. She says you can take her home if she stays unwell. He asks whose call did she answer. She says Shitija. He says fine thanks. He ends call and thinks about it.
Amma wakes up Shravan. He goes to washroom. She cleans his bed. She gets his diary. He stops her and takes diary back. He says I don’t like my things getting misplaced, just go. She goes. He shuts door and says its good she didn’t read it. Shitija thanks Raman for icecream. He says you called Pihu yesterday. She says yes, I m missing her. He asks her is there anything to say. She gets thinking. He says I promise, tell me without hesitation, I won’t say anyone. She says I heard Parmeet and you had a fight so I told this to Pihu, that night Parmeet came home. FB shows Parmeet saying Ishita has hiding the secret from everyone, I will not leave them, I know Pihu’s secret. Shitija hears him. FB ends. She says I told this to Pihu. Raman asks her to go. He says so Ishita is getting blackmailed by him. He goes home. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have breakfast. Simmi says I will go and call him. Mr. Bhalla says let him go, Ishita is there in room.
Raman asks Ishita what’s the matter, what is Pihu’s secret. She says nothing. He says I can catch your lie easily. She says you are just doubting. He says Pihu got to know about this and had fever. She asks what, did Parmeet talk to her, she is alone in camp, I must go and get her. He stops her. She asks what’s wrong with you. He says why are you running to her, Pihu’s teacher called, Shitija called her to ask about Parmeet holding her secret, and then Pihu got fever. She says its nothing. He says swear on me, tell me. She says Pihu made a big mistake. He says kids make mistakes. She says this can’t be corrected, its about Ananya, can you get her back. He asks what. She says Pihu was responsible for Ananya’s death, Ananya got a push by mistake, she fell down, so I took the blame and went jail. He gets shocked. Amma says Shravan didn’t let me check diary, is he doing anything wrong, I have to see. She checks diary and reads Adi is having an affair with Roshni, but with whom do I share with, Adi held Roshni in his arms….
She says this boy has gone mad to write this like some cheap novel, what’s wrong with Shravan, I will talk to him, he keeps arguing with Bala, he is in a bad company. Shagun comes and says Shravan just left, what’s the matter, I came to meet Aaliya. Amma says Shravan wrote absurd things in his diary. Shagun reads it. Amma says this can’t be true, Adi is not bad, Shravan is crazy. Shagun says please come with me, this may have some truth, till we know the truth, we shouldn’t tell Raman and Ishita. Raman asks why didn’t you tell me. Ishita says everyone was stressed about Ruhi and Nikhil, I just had to save Pihu, when I came back, your memory was lost, you didn’t remember me and children, Simmi and Parmeet showed me as a murderer, I thought its good that they didn’t know about Pihu. He says I couldn’t see you and Pihu. She says don’t blame yourself. He says I left my kid alone…..
Ishita says Simmi will never forgive Pihu, as Ananya died because of Pihu. Simmi hears this and gets shocked. Raman says it was an accident, Parmeet can’t do anything. Simmi says I will get her jailed, I lost my daughter.

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