The Episode starts with Ruhi hiding and seeing Adi forge Raman’s signs. She gets shocked. She stops him. She checks the file. She asks were you forging dad’s sign, you were running this illegal business. He asks her to calm down. She says I don’t believe this, you are entering into a partnership with Suraj, this fraud man. Adi says don’t interfere in my work. She says you are cheating family this way, all of us blamed Kiran, you didn’t say anything. He smiles. She says I won’t let you do this. He takes the file and says sorry, I m not at all, I own this business and I know how to run it, there is the exit, you may leave. She says you can tell me the problem, Suraj is blackmailing you right, tell me, if Ishita knows this….. 
He asks her to stop it. She says I will tell Raman and Ishita. He says you will have to take a big risk, as I know how to save myself, get out. Suraj says very well done. Ruhi worries. Sharma says you did good to take Simmi in our favor, we can free Pihu easily now. Raman says I don’t want Pihu to visit the court. Ishita says we don’t want to undergo a trauma. Sharma asks them not to take tension.
Roshni recalls Shagun’s words and says I m not the other woman. She goes to check the door. She sees Shagun instead Adi. Shagun says I know what you are going through, my friend is finding a girl for her son, I thought its a sign from Lord, if you wish to stay happy, you have to take this step, just meet him once, I know its happening so fast, that guy wants to marry and settle in US, don’t stay as an other woman in Adi’s life. Roshni says I don’t understand I should say thanks to you or get angry, you wish to help me, you are just thinking for your daughter, you don’t care for my feelings. Shagun says I know this trauma, Adi will never introduce you to his family, he will never divorce his wife, if this is the kind of life you want to live with him, I will inform my friend that you aren’t ready to meet her son. Roshni says no, I m ready to meet that guy. Ruhi comes home and says how can Adi do this, I have to tell this to Raman and Ishita. Everyone asks what happened, they went to meet lawyer.
Raman and Ishita come and ask what happened. Ruhi says I got to know that someone from family is involved in the recruitment scam, Adi is involved. They get shocked. Raman asks where is Adi. Adi comes and asks what happened. Ishita asks him what’s Ruhi saying, is he involved in scam. Adi asks what. Ruhi says stop acting innocent, I will tell the truth, I have seen Adi with Suraj, he is behind the illegal recruitments. Adi says she is saying true. Raman asks what do you mean. Adi says I can’t see Ruhi in jail, I can do anything for her. Ruhi says you did all that, what are you saying. Raman says Ruhi, let him talk. Adi says I thought I should let it be. Ruhi asks what. Mihika says let him say. Raman shouts. Adi says she is running illegal business with Suraj, I caught her red handed. Raman asks do you have a proof, shut up Ruhi. Adi says I have the evidence, I could have never imagined she will play such game with me, she has forged your sign, I was shaken up seeing her joining hands with enemy. Ruhi asks what are you saying. Raman shouts on her. She cries. Adi shows the proof. They see the video, where Suraj admits Ruhi and he are running the company. Ruhi asks how can you stoop so low. Raman says I trusted you, I didn’t expect this, end this business, don’t break my trust, else I will send you to jail.
Ruhi asks Adi why is he doing this. She goes crying. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Adi comes to Ruhi and asks how did you like my drama. She asks why did you do this, there is no difference between you and Suraj, both are cheap. He says I made this business by hard work, Raman didn’t give me this in charity, I had to shoot that video, I was helpless, I was scared that you can check mate, you are smart, but not more than me. She says you are not like this, stop it, Ishita didn’t give us these values. He says all the rules change when one has to earn money, everything is fair in love and war, this is my philosophy now. She asks which philosophy, what happened, I don’t believe this.
He says believe this truth, I started this business to survive, I had no one to back me up, Raman lost memory, Ishita wasn’t here, you became dad’s rival, where did your loyalty go that time, I had undergone humiliation, I understood all relations have no significance, everyone asks you till you have money and power, else nobody cares for you, Parmeet had blocked all accounts, I had no money to shop, I wanted to survive, Aaliya got addicted to gambling, what could I do, I joined hands with Suraj and started new business, I know its illegal business, but its not my fault, its people’s fault to come to me, I want to become very rich, everything depends on Raman here. She says Sonakshi lost her life because of you, you have no guilt. He says its her fault that she couldn’t handle problems there. She asks is this her fault that she died. He says stop nonsense. She says I can’t believe this, everyone has problems in life, everyone faces the problems and learn from it. He says I have stooped low, how will you overcome this problem, if you don’t keep quiet, Raman will go jail, you will be responsible for it, wish you all the very best. She gets shocked.

Raman says I didn’t wish to alert Adi and had to scold Ruhi, Adi is running illegal business with Suraj. Ishita gets shocked. Aaliya says I m happy for Roshni, finally she has found a life partner. Adi reacts knowing Roshni’s marriage is fixed.

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