The Episode starts with Ishita asking Adi to leave Roshni. Adi shouts enough and points gun at her. Roshni says I don’t want to live with you. Adi says you have to live with me, I can’t let you marry Shantanu, else I will kill you. Ishita asks will you hurt her and compel her to love you. He says I don’t want to hear your lecture. Aaliya says she doesn’t love you, you can’t force her. Adi says I know you don’t want to see me and Roshni together. Aaliya says I won’t be with you, as of now, leave Roshni, she is going to get married. Ishita asks Adi to leave Roshni, we know you were in pain. Shagun calls Mani and asks him to come fast, Adi has a gun in hand, he is threatening. Mani gets shocked. Adi says don’t underestimate me, I have come prepared, shall I show you. He shows the bottle.

Ishita asks did you go mad. Adi scolds Roshni. He asks everyone not to come after him. Ishita says please leave her. Adi takes Roshni with him in the car. He races the car.
At the court, Sharma asks Simmi to tell about Pihu’s innocence. Raman asks Simmi to save Pihu. Simmi asks him not to worry. Parmeet comes and asks Simmi not to do this, they lost Ananya. She asks him to leave. He refuses and says I want justice for my daughter. He gets seated. Ishita, Shagun, Aaliya follow Adi. They worry that Adi can do anything. They wish he doesn’t do take any wrong step. The lawyer tells the judge about Ananya’s accident, how Pihu has unintentionally pushed Ananya which lead to that accident, Ishita has taken blame on her to save Pihu, the case is re opened as Raman and Ishita don’t want Pihu to live in guilt. Parmeet’s lawyer tells them that opposition is not saying the truth, it was not an accident.
Sharma says what motive will a kid have, I want to call Simmi, she will tell the truth. Raman asks Simmi to give statement in her favor. Parmeet asks her not to listen to them, they are using her. Adi’s car stops. Roshni asks him to leave her. He asks her to sit quiet. He gets angry and says diesel had to end now. He says I love you, I can’t live without you. Roshni says you are doing this to win in front of family, this is not love. Shantanu accepted me after knowing my past, this is called unconditional love, his happiness lies in my happiness, its true love. He asks is our love gone in one day, wow Roshni, my love is my obsession, I will not let you become of someone else, I can’t distance you, I will kill you. Ishita asks is this Adi’s car. Aaliya says yes. Adi says see here are the guests. He warns Ishita not to step ahead, else he won’t be hesitant to shoot at her. She gets shocked.
Simmi says Pihu is like my daughter, I love her as much as I love Ananya, I can’t think of accusing Pihu for Ananya’s death, Pihu is a little kid, but my daughter was young too, I lost her because of Pihu. Raman and everyone get shocked. Simmi says I blame Pihu for Ananya’s death. Raman asks what are you saying, Pihu’s life will be ruined. Simmi says I lost my daughter, I want justice for her, she wanted to become successful, and her dad and I dreamt a lot for her career and marriage, Pihu has crushed our dreams. Raman says don’t do this, Pihu is a kid. Judge gives last warning to Raman. Simmi says any juvenile committing crime should be punished, I just want justice, you decide the punishment. Lawyer says Simmi has given her statement. Judge says we want to meet Pihu before giving the verdict. Sharma says we can’t get Pihu, she has been through a trauma. Judge asks him to call Pihu. Ishita asks Adi to leave Roshni, he can’t compel her. Adi refuses.
Shagun says Adi, Ishita risked her life for you, don’t do this, stop it. Adi says no, she worries for Roshni and Aaliya, when Raman threw me out, where was Ishita. He scolds Shagun. Shagun asks him to leave Roshni. Roshni says kill me, then everything will get over, but I won’t come to you. He says fine, I will leave you in such a state that none will come around you. Raman gets Pihu. Pihu gets scared and asks where is Ishimaa. He asks her to come, everyone is here, we will go in some time. Judge asks her to come and tell the truth, did she push her cousin Ananya. Pihu nods and runs to hug Raman. Judge says we have to punish Pihu, she has to stay in juvenile home for eight months. They all cry. Raman says it was a small mistake, Simmi tell them. Judge goes. Raman says you can’t do this. He asks Simmi why did she do this. Mrs. Bhalla says I could have never imagine that Simmi is a cheat like Parmeet. She slaps Simmi and disowns her. Simmi says I don’t want to live with you all. They cry. Pihu is taken away by police.
Adi gets the bottle and says why did you reject me. Ishita asks him to stop. Aaliya asks Adi to leave it. Adi asks Aaliya to move back. He pushes her. Ishita asks Adi not to get crazy. Shagun calls Mani and asks him to come fast. Adi says I have no choice. Roshni says don’t do this. Adi says if you try to act smart, I will kill you. Ishita shouts Adi leave her. Adi’s gun falls down. Ishita takes the gun. She shouts to Adi. She asks him to leave Roshni, else she will shoot.

Ishita shoots Adi. He falls down, getting shot to death. Shagun, Aaliya and Roshni get shocked.

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