The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming to pick Pihu. They see each other. Raman hugs Pihu. Bala calls Ishita and says we reached temple, thanks for giving me instructions to wear a Lungi. Mihika recalls talking to Raman on call and asking him to wear the Lungi by following her instructions. Bala says Raman has left for juvenile house, they are releasing Pihu. Ishita says Raman is here, I will talk later. The warden says your daughter is lovely, I hope your love and affection help her forget the stay here. Ishita hugs Pihu. She gives laddoos to her.
Raman throws the laddoos box and asks Pihu not to have it, maybe the sweets have poison, Pihu should know its better to stay away from such woman, Pihu will stay with me. Ishita asks him not to do this. Pandit asks child’s mum. Ammasays she isn’t here, we will do it. Mrs. Bhalla says child’s mum is dead for us. Pihu says everyone would be waiting for us. Raman says she won’t come with us, she has no place in my house. He asks Ishita not to snatch Pihu now, as she has snatched Adi, Shagun saved her that day but… Pihu asks what happened to Adi. Ishita says nothing. He says your brother Adi…. is dead. Pihu gets shocked.
Mrs. Bhalla says its good puja got over, Raman and Pihu would be coming home. Bala asks Amma why didn’t she tell Ishita’s name when pandit asked about Pihu’s mum. Amma says why would I mention her, she has killed our Adi, we don’t want to remember her, we have no strength to tolerate this, the sorrow to lose Adi, I can’t bear it. Appa says we will not talk about this, we have lost our young son. Bala says I also regret, but Adi did wrong. Appa shouts Ishu didn’t had a right to decide Adi’s punishment, she shot him without thinking. They cry and think of Adi. Amma praises Adi. She says why did Ishita do this, she finished everything. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her. She says we can never forget Adi, we promised each other that we won’t cry more. Mr. Bhalla says we have to become strong, Pihu would be coming. Mrs. Bhalla says none will tell Pihu about Adi. Raman says Ishita has snatched Adi from us.
Pihu asks him to say what happened. Ishita says stop it please. Raman says Ishita has shot our Adi, when we were with you in court, Ishita was doing justice, she didn’t think for us. Pihu cries and asks what happened to Adi. Raman says she has killed Adi, the entire family is still mourning for Adi. FB shows Raman doing Adi’s final rites. He stops Ishita and scolds her. He says you should have got punished, but you lied to police that you shot in self defence, Adi was killing Roshni, how is Roshni related that you shot Adi, you ruined everyone’s happiness. Ishita says Adi was wrong. Raman says you should have given him time to think. Ishita says there was no time. He says you could have waited for us, we could have explained him, you shot my son.

She says he was my son too. He says he was not your son, he was Shagun’s son, you went to jail for Pihu as she is your blood, Adi was my son, I wish to kill you. Bala stops Raman. He asks Ishita to see Shagun’s sorrow, Shagun is Adi’s real mum. Ishita asks Shagun to explain Raman, it was imp to save Roshni. Shagun slaps her.
She says I lost Adi because of you, I stopped you, I was calling police, Mani and Raman were coming, why did you shoot, what if Roshni died, you like to become Jagat Mata, you killed my son, I have always done as you wished, just get lost. Everyone cries. Ishita leaves. FB ends. Raman says I believe in Lord justice now, its good Lord kept you infertile, I wish you always stay childless, you have no idea what a child means. Ishita cries. Pihu says I m with you, I know you can’t take wrong decision. Raman asks her to come. Ishita asks Pihu to go with Raman. Raman says mother can never take child’s life. He takes Pihu with him. Ishita cries.

Shagun asks Aaliya did Ishita think before killing Adi. Aaliya says Pihu…. Shagun says Pihu is Ishita’s daughter. Pihu gets scared seeing Parmeet and says I can’t stay without Ishimaa. Raman says don’t take her name. Ishita asks Adi to forgive her.

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