The Episode starts with Raman saying I won’t leave her, I will ruin her life. Romi takes him. Mihika stops Pihu and says I will put you to sleep, we will talk in morning. Pihu asks what happened to Papa, if Ishimaa was here, he would have not behaved this way. Mihika says no, this is happening because of Ishita. Ruhi says you know Pihu has been through a lot, you shouldn’t say such about Ishita. Mihika says sorry and goes. Ruhi puts Pihu to sleep. Pihu asks why does everyone hate her, Ishita can’t do this. Ruhi says its not simple, you are too young to understand this, I don’t want to explain this, I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, Adi will never come back, he has gone too far, we have much grief, everyone hates Ishita, but I m with you, I can never hate Ishita, she is our mumma, don’t think this. Pihu says I miss Adi and Ishita a lot, you are here, but Ishita is alone, she would also miss us a lot.
Romi says I m fed up, Raman gets drunk and comes home, what does he want to prove, its all over, its been 8 months, people change so much, we are still stuck there, Raman, Simmi and Parmeet are troubling us, why don’t they move on in life. Mihika says Raman lost his son. He says there is negativity in this house, I wish to run away. She says don’t take stress, who will take care of Raman, I think its happening as Raman is drinking much alcohol, he has to control, now Pihu has come, we have to tell him to stop all this for her sake. He says I hope so, I don’t think he will be able to leave alcohol. Its morning, Mihika asks Neelu why didn’t she make breakfast. Neelu says gas got over. Mihika says you should have told me, this never happened. Neelu says Simmi’s cook Manjiri has spent the gas in 10 days. She asks the man to fix cylinder. Manjiri comes and argues with Neelu. Mr. Bhalla tries to solve the problem. Parmeet says I have got the breakfast, end these problems. Mr. Bhalla says you have to leave from the house, Simmi won’t get the property share. Parmeet says then be here with us and bear this. Mihika thinks entire family got broken because of Ishita’s one wrong move. Ishita gets a letter from secretary.
She checks and calls broker. She says I want another house, Raman has come yesterday, secretary has asked me to leave this house, please find a house for me. Broker says you shifted home many times, I will show you a house far from this area. She says I want to stay in this area, there is a reason, please manage a house for me. He says fine. She gets video call from Romi’s number. She answers and sees Pihu. She says new dress, wow, enjoy well with Romi and Mihika. Pihu says I have seen dad angry, how are you. Ishita says I m fine, I miss you a lot, I m not alone, cook and house help come here, breakfast is packed, I m going for work. Pihu says I slept with Ruhi. Raman comes and scolds Pihu. Ruhi comes and asks what happened. Ishita says Raman, don’t say anything to her. Raman says Romi, I m warning you, that woman’s shadow shouldn’t fall over them.Pihu runs and throws things. She falls down. Ruhi worries. She says I told you I will take you to meet Ishita, come with me to doctor, you have hurt yourself badly, trust me. Ishita says I won’t let this happen with Pihu, I have to do something.
Ishita meets Pihu and hugs. Raman says I told you not to meet her. He drags Ishita and pushes her. She falls down the stairs. Pihu shouts Ishimaa and wakes up. She says I want to meet Ishimaa. She goes to Raman. He is on work call. She says I want to meet Ishimaa. He says don’t take her name again, you can’t meet her. She insists. She says I saw a bad dream, you pushed her down the stairs. He sees Adi’s pic and says I wish your dream turns true and Ishita dies. She says you are so cruel and bad, you are teaching me to take revenge, she is my mum, I m going to meet her. He says you won’t go. Ruhi asks why are you shouting on Pihu. He says don’t teach me, I m your dad, don’t call her mum, she is dead for us.
He locks Pihu and says I don’t want to hear Ishita’s name. Ruhi says this will badly affect Pihu. He says don’t explain me, leave before I raise hand on you. Pihu cries and says I will meet Ishimaa at any cost. Ruhi goes to Raman and asks what’s Pihu’s mistake, where will she go, everyone is in grief, just Ishimaa can love her, Pihu is too young to understand your hatred, please free her, this can affect her mind, don’t be so harsh. Pihu throws things and shouts. Raman says don’t teach me, Ishita is dead for us, she is out of our lives, shut up. She goes. Pihu asks Ruhi to open the door. Parmeet thinks to free her, so that there is a big drama.

Parmeet frees Pihu and gives Ishita’s address. She hides and leaves from the house.

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