The Episode starts with everyone stopping Raman and scolding Ishita. Raman says her shadow shouldn’t fall on my children. Mr. Bhalla says just go home for my sake, I will get Pihu. Raman goes. They all leave. Ishita cries. Mihika asks Romi where was he, she is worried for Pihu, Parmeet would have broken the lock. She says we should also go, I m just afraid Raman can harm someone because of his anger. Romi says I don’t want to go, this isn’t a house, but an emergency room, something always happens, I m not going anywhere. She says this is our family. He asks what family, you also go to save them, I won’t go.

Mr. Bhalla goes to get the car. Pihu asks Ruhi to let her go, she has to hug Ishita. She runs to Ishita and says sorry, its my mistake. Ishita says its my mistake, Mrs. Bhalla said right, I m getting punished for my bad deeds, just go, if Raman knows you are here, he will be upset. Pihu says I forgot my bag. Ishita goes to get the bag. Pihu attends Roshni’s call and says I came here to meet Ishita, I miss her a lot, come here and take care of her. Roshni asks what happened to Ishita. She worries. Pihu says just come, Ishita is alone. Ishita asks Pihu to have food, listen to Ruhi and take her permission, take care. Pihu hugs her and goes.
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