The Episode starts with Ishita making Roshni sleep. She thinks of Raman and sees the pic. She says I trust Raman, he won’t do anything wrong, he has started drinking excessively, I can’t see him like this, he may with that girl, she isn’t right. She calls Ruhi. Ruhi says Raman didn’t come home, you have been calling me daily to ask about Raman, you are always worried for you, you don’t sleep till he comes home, Raman doesn’t realize what he is doing, I don’t think Raman will come back. Ishita says I will keep calling you and asking you till he gets over the sorrow. The lady asks do you think we should take a room so that we can spend the night. Raman says that’s a good idea. He asks manager to book a room. She says her name Tania.
Raman says I m going, you are the one who would stay here. She asks won’t you come with me. He says you think I m in love with you and will spend the night with you, I m not interested in you, I just want to hurt the one who has hurt me so much, you just had to divert my mind, take the room keys, go and sleep. He goes. Tanhai….plays… He is on the way and cries thinking of Adi. Ishita sits sad. Raman comes home. Ruhi messages Ishita about him. Ishita reads the text and replies, asking Ruhi to take care of Raman. Ruhi says I just hope they get back together.
Its morning, Ruhi comes to Raman’s room. He wakes up. She cleans the glass pieces and scolds him for not being in senses, for not listening to anyone. He says these are not your words, you don’t teach me, I m your dad, I know who has kept you here to spy on me, I don’t want any drama. Ruhi says Ishita is not here, you think about her, you are spoiling your life. She refuses to go. Roshni comes to Ishita. Ishita says why did you come, I had asked you to stay at home. Roshni says I got clothes for you, you have conference today. Ishita says you can write my speech too. Sameer and his mum come for treatment. Roshni asks the lady to get any other doctor. Ishita says I will treat Sameer, he is more imp, I will inform them that I will get late. Roshni says Ishita will never change. Ruhi says Raman isn’t understanding me. Mihika says everything will get fine, everyone has problems, we have to get over it, you got boring, meet friends, go for a movie. They promote Veere Di Wedding. They see the movie trailer and like it. Ruhi goes. Mihika gets the message from bank. She sits to pay the credit card bill. She worries that transaction is declined.
She says where is the money. Romi comes. She says I was paying the bill just now, where did the money go, call police. He says no need, I have withdrawn that money. She asks why. He says I had taken the money for down payment of our new house. She asks why, we have a home. He says home is where person gets peace and happiness, I have no peace of mind and happiness, I have decided I won’t stay here, come along with me. She says we can’t take such a decision. He says I want both of us to live there, that’s final. She says I m sorry, this is my home, I m not going anywhere. He says I knew you will say this, I want you to come along with me. Roshni is on call. She says Ishita will reach in 30 mins. Ishita talks to Sameer and treats him. Sameer’s mum gets a call.
She says we have to raid Raman’s office, jam the mobile networks, shut down the officers, owners shouldn’t know about it. Roshni gets shocked hearing this. She says they are going to carry out a raid at Raman’s office. Pihu refuses to have food. Ruhi asks what happened. Raman scolds Pihu for her drama. Pihu says I really have a swelling, you are just scolding me and didn’t ask what happened to me. He says sorry, I will call the doctor, I will take an appointment, give her icecream till them. Pihu smiles. Ruhi asks why are you smiling. Pihu says he will take me to Ishimaa. Ruhi says no, Papa won’t take you there. She feeds her icecream. Raman gets a doctor who lives in neighborhood. Pihu says my regular dentist is Ishimaa, I don’t want this doctor. She goes. He apologizes to doctor. He says my children are getting ruined because of Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is Pihu’s mum. Raman says Ishita made Adi away, explain this to Pihu. He goes out and sees Roshni….

Ishita plays with Ruhi and Pihu. Roshni joins. They smile. Ishita gets shocked seeing Raman at the door.

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