Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) Spoiler Alert 24th May 2018

The upcoming series of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will focus on Raman and Ishita's major clash over Pihu's sake,

Raman wants Ishita to stay away from Pihu while Pihu insists on living with Ishita.
In the end, Pihu escapes from Bhalla house and reaches to meet Ishita.

Ishita is overwhelmed as Ruhi and Pihu still support her and Ruhi only made way to let Pihu meet Ishi Maa.

Ishita and Pihu have lovely moments where Ishita cooks Parathas for little Pihu and feeds her, but shockingly Raman comes and takes Pihu away from Ishita.
Ruhi weraks havoc on Raman 
Raman will lock Pihu in a room while furious Ruhi will confront Raman when Raman will drink hard to forget Ishita.

Ruhi will raise questions on Raman's fatherhood if he is now torturing Pihu to avenge Ishi Maa.
Ruhi and Raman will face drastic clash where Ruhi will try her best to make Raman realize Ishita's goodness.

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