The Episode starts with the story getting two years ahead. Lav and Kush are coming home. They see servant dumping something. They wash the gift and see Naira’s gift. They rush to Manish and show the cute gift. Manish says yes, its cute. Akhilesh asks did you read the files, there were some issues which I resolved. Manish says thanks for managing all this, business is already…. Akhilesh sees the gift and asks where did you pick this from. Manish says they did good to get it. Suwarna comes there and gets angry seeing it. Lav says ask servant to check things and work. Suwarna says breakfast is ready, go and fresh up. She asks servant to dump it, sometimes valuable thing get devoid of value with time.
Manish says sentiments attached with things decide its value. Surekha thinks  nothing has changed in my life, I used to obey Dadi before and now I obey Suwarna. They hear some sound. Kartik breaks the mirror. He says I hate her. Servant apologizes. Kartik says I have fired you, get lost, take money from manager. Servant goes. Kartik drinks and coughs. He gets ready and goes downstairs. Suwarna stops him and asks where are you going without having breakfast. She asks him to have food. He says I will have something at the office, I m not hungry. She asks who has spoiled my son’s mood, call the servant and fire him.
Kartik says I don’t want to have food. She says fine, I will also stay hungry then. Kartik eats food by her hands and feeds her. He asks her to give tiffin. She says Dadi called, she won’t come here, she will go haveli directly. 
Manish says Lav and Kush have also come, if you can…. Kartik says I will try. Kartik gets a message. Suwarna asks whose message is it, I understood, she is telling you to sign papers, then do it and end the matter. Kartik comes at some cafe. He meets someone and takes papers. He signs on the papers. He gives the papers and asks are you happy now, you got what you wanted right. Kirti cries. She says no, I will be happy if you listen to me and talk to her once, how long will you stay angry. He gets angry. He says I have to go for work. She says just talk to Naira once. He says don’t mention her name. He goes. She cries. Kirti says Kartik do something that ends the distance, Lord bring them together. She calls Naira and fails to connect.

In Mumbai, Naira gets down the taxi and pays. She walks to the metro station. She puts on headphones. She travels in the train. A lady signs her. Naira helps. Kartik hears loud music and drives the car. Naira sees Kartik at a tea stall. He disappears. Morey saiyyan….plays…. Kartik says where did I get stuck. He sees Naira at the corn stall. She disappears. A man asks him to buy corn. Kartik says I don’t want it, go away. Yeh rishta……plays…. Naira hears a cry and sees a woman shouting for help. She recalls Shubham. She thinks of Kartik’s words. People help the lady. Naira wipes tears and goes in taxi. She comes home. She hears Naitik arguing with a lady. Naitik says see this is wrong, cheating is bad. Naira signs him. Naitik says if anyone does cheating, then he is out of meeting. Lady asks Naira when did she come, Sudhir is repairing her laptop, he is scared to give her thing outside, ask me if you need anything. Naira says I don’t feel the need to ask anything from you, I travelled in local train before, you just told me local train time, you didn’t discover it. Lady Vaidehi says she is outspoken. Naitik says we should have pakodas with spicy chutney. Vaidehi says I will get it. Naitik sees Naira and smiles.

Naira asks shall I fill college form. Naitik says of course, you should. Manish says I much excited for this project and want you to handle this. Kartik asks imperial college. Naira says my wish will be fulfilled by joining imperial college.

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