The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira leaving for same address. Suwarna gets angry and says I don’t want to see Singhanias at the wedding, whatever happened that day, I still remember, I don’t want bhabhimaa to request again. She recalls Shubham’s death. Manish asks Suwarna to listen to him. She nods. He goes. She says I won’t refuse if Manish tells me, but I won’t forget everything. Kartik and Naira reach the place. Surekha gets to see latest designs. Surekha says kids like the latest theme party, they want to enjoy with friends, make sure they enjoy every activity. The lady says come on, its just kids party, what’s the need for so many arrangements. Surekha says why not, kids also deserve a good party, kids wants to party at home, I just want the kids to remember the party for years. Suwarna comes and asks the lady who is she. The lady says I m Megha, party planner. Suwarna asks did you keep party at home, we don’t keep any party here, sorry, you can leave, there won’t be any party.
Kartik takes the lift and goes. Naira misses the lift and says why are people in so much hurry. Suwarna waits for Kartik’s call. Manish says where did Kartik go, if he didn’t go to the hotel and the address which Kirti gave him. Kartik gets stuck in life. Suwarna tries to know about Kartik. She asks Manish did he send Kartik to some apartment. Manish says no and smiles. Kartik calls for help. Naira walks by stairs. She stops. Suwarna says when will he reach hotel and rest, I had to send doctor there. Manish thinks Kirti’s words. He says I wish something good happens in Mumbai. Naira finds the lift stuck. She goes to call help. Chitti asks Naitik to eat kachori fast, finish it before Naira comes. Naitik says I wanted to have kachoris today. Kartik shouts for help.
Naira says someone got stuck in lift. Suwarna tries calling Kartik. Surekha argues with Suwarna. She says kids wanted to call friends home and enjoy, don’t they have a right to call this their home, its my mistake, I didn’t get stubborn for their rights. Suwarna says better explain them with love. Surekha says I m explaining them since two years, I know you have seen much sorrow in life, you can’t turn away face from someone you have, kids ask me what happened to you, why did you change, what shall I answer. Suwarna says whatever, party won’t happen, I don’t have problem with their happiness, but there will be risk, who will look after the kids, will kids listen to staff, we should be careful, I trusted someone about my son, you have seen what happened with me. She goes. Manish and Akhilesh look on. Manish says why doesn’t Suwarna understand. Akhilesh says Surekha should also understand, I will explain her. Manish says I will explain Suwarna. Naira runs to get help from watchman. Watchman and others open the lift and get Kartik out. Naira thanks Lord and goes. Manish and Akhilesh try to explain Suwarna and Surekha. Surekha says Suwarna should understand, she has lost Shubham and will lose Kartik too because she is stubborn. Suwarna says Kartik is hurt because of Naira, who has hidden things from us. Manish asks her not to start it again. Suwarna says maybe it doesn’t matter to you. Manish says stop it now, you feel its my crime if I don’t feel Naira wrong.
She says it was Naira’s mistake. Manish says no, I m Shubham’s father and I m equally hurt, I have to break down and still keep everyone united, I regret that till you realize this, it will be too late. She says no one can understand a mum’s love, not even a dad. Naira greets Naitik. She asks are you not happy that my admission happened. Naitik says you are lying. She says it really happened. He says you didn’t do any drama to break the news. He asks Chitti to get sweets, Naira got admission in college. She feeds him sweets. Naitik says I feel bad when I see her sad, I can give her much love, but her real happiness is linked with Kartik. Chitti says Kartik will come here again, you see. Naira says I hope that man who got stuck in lift is fine. Suwarna calls Kartik. She asks where are you, what was the need to go there. He says it was some friend’s work. She says just reach hotel, I have ordered the food, call me if you need help. He ends call and says Suwarna would have felt bad if I told about the work.
The girl gets Kartik with her. She asks Naira to make tea for Kittu. She takes Naira to Kartik.

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