The Episode starts with Kartik stopping Naira and calling her out. She hears his voice and gets shocked. He says no late comers in my class, get out. He says Naina Singhania right? You heard me, get out, leave the class now. He calls her out. She recalls her words and moves back. She slips. She falls back in his arms. He sees her. Roses fall over them. Morey saiyyan….plays…. Tanvi and Kunal comment on their cuteness. Kartik recalls Shubham and gets away from Naira. She cries and leaves the class. Manish says Kartik has agreed for the lecture, Suwarna has agreed for it. She says its good. He reminds the college name. She says what a coincidence, I just spoke to Naitik, Naira is in college now. He says Kartik is also in college. She says if they meet… He says everything will get fine. Kartik walks out of the class. Rishton ka milna jhulna….plays…. Naira thinks what’s Kartik doing here, I didn’t think we shall meet in such a way. He thinks why is this happening and how. He collides with someone and runs downstairs. She goes to take a taxi. Kartik asks the driver to take him to airport. Suwarna packs her bags.
Manish finishes his work call. He asks are you going Mumbai. She says its second day that my son is away, I can’t stay without him, he went away because of you, I have see where is he living. He thinks I didn’t think of this, that Suwarna will go there. Kartik asks driver to drive faster. Driver says the car just broke down. Kartik gets down the car and goes to get a taxi. Suwarna says I m going to surprise Kartik, don’t tell him. Surekha thinks who will have time to talk, I have pending plans to finish. Manish stops Suwarna. She says you stopped me from behind, its not good. He says I just stopped you. She asks why. He says I m coming with you, my meeting got cancelled, we will go together tomorrow. She says I can’t wait, I m leaving. He messages Kirti that he couldn’t stop Suwarna, sorry. Someone helps Naira and asks her to be careful, any vehicle will hit her. She thanks him and cries. It starts raining. Kartik and Naira try to get a cab. Naira goes under a shade. She thinks of the past. FB shows Naira falling down the terrace and landing on the cartons. Naitik and Bau ji come there and get shocked seeing her injured. She says Kartik……. FB ends.
Kartik recalls Shubham’s funeral and cries. FB shows… Kartik coming home. He thinks where are you Naira, why are you not here, everything is shattered, you didn’t come to see Shubham for the final time, I told you to go for now and you left. Suwarna cries. FB ends. Suwarna is on the way. The lady Anjali calls from airlines office and says your flight is cancelled for technical reasons. Suwarna says its imp for me to reach Mumbai today. The lady says sorry and ends call. Suwarna says did Manish…. Kirti thanks her friend. Suwarna calls at airport landline number. She then disconnects and says why will Manish do this, he wanted to come Mumbai with me, I have to wait for a day now to meet my son. She goes home.
Naira gets hurt on the way. FB shows Naira gets conscious in hospital ward and asking Naitik where is Kartik. He asks her to take rest. FB ends. Kartik is on the way in a taxi. FB shows Kartik consoling Suwarna. She says Naira has snatched my son, if she told us the truth, maybe I could have saved my son, he would have been here, she has no right to come back in my life. Manish looks on. Suwarna says I trusted Naira so much, she broke my trust. She faints. He holds her. FB ends. Naira passes by Kartik’s car.

Naira cuts the college ID. Kartik says I will go from here, I won’t step in that college again. Naira says today was the first and last day of my college.

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