The Episode starts with Naksh seeing everyone crying. He asks Naitik what happened. Naitik says Kirti had a miscarriage. Naksh cries and sees Naira. He goes to Kirti. Kirti cries thinking of the moments. Naksh holds her and cries. Everyone cries. Kartik says be strong, if we break down, how will we manage Naksh and Kirti. Naira says yes, their sorrow will increase seeing you all like this, I wish we could undo the happenings, its all because of me. Kartik says no, its because of that person who is still roaming free, I won’t leave him.

Naksh comes out. Naira cries and hugs him. She asks him to talk to her. He says I have to meet doctor. She asks are you annoyed with me. He asks did I say anything, please move away. She asks him to say, does he think it happened because of her mistake.
He shouts I told you not to take Kirti anywhere else, other than hospital. He cries and goes. Everyone looks on. Naira cries. Kartik holds her.
Devyaani asks Kirti to have kada. Kirti refuses. Naitik asks her to have it. Devyaani feeds her. Manish messages a thank you for managing Naksh and Kirti. Rajshri asks Naksh to have juice, he has to look after Kirti. Naksh says I m fine. He goes. Naira says I have to go to see Kirti. Kartik says just listen, go tomorrow, they need some time. Manish says we doubled the security. The man asks him not to worry. Kartik asks Manish about it. Manish says we couldn’t protect one daughter, we have to protect other one now. Akhilesh says yes, Naira’s safety is much imp. Manish asks how dare someone touch my family, I will not leave that person. Naira thinks of Kirti. Dadi says if Naira didn’t take Kirti to academy, this would have not happened.
Naira says sorry. Suwarna says its not your mistake. Dadi says its no use if you say anything. Shubham comes drunk and shouts on servant badly. Manish asks what’s this bad behavior, big incident happened at home, where had you been. Suwarna says he is worried because of Suhana’s matter. She stops Shubham. Manish asks Shubham’s status. Shubham says my status is same as yours, you are my dad. Manish asks him to get lost. Shubham asks why, its my house. Manish says because your dad is asking you. Shubham says your threatening don’t affect me. Akhilesh takes Shubham. Shubham breaks a glass near Manish. Everyone gets shocked.

Shubham says everyone keeps fighting here, is this a house or a battle ground. He goes. Kartik sees Kirti’s pic. Naitik says they slept. Rajshri says they are very sad. Devyaani says they lost their child. Naitik says when Akshara had a miscarriage, I felt the pain of losing a child, men have emotions attached, we feel helpless. Devyaani asks him to give strength to Naksh and Kirti. Naira cries thinking of Kirti. She hugs Kartik and says everyone is upset with me. Kartik says we will catch that man. She says I will kill him, I will take revenge, how dare he comes to my house, my bedroom, I hate thinking of it. He thinks just think how I m feeling, he is stalking my wife, my sister lost her child, I will not leave him. Kabeer comes there and sees security. He says they are making me angry, I will do what I want, Kartik will be responsible.
Kabeer waits for Shubham’s call for drugs. He says I m Shubham’s friend, I have imp work. Guard asks him to leave, come in morning. Naira says we will go there. Kartik says we will go tomorrow. She says I won’t get sleep. She cries. He says fine, we will go. Kabeer gets angry. He sees Kartik and Naira coming out. He smiles and says this is called a call from a true heart. Kartik says we are going to Naira’s Maayka. Guard says you took police protection and then you are taking risk. Naira says we can’t get caged, we will go, just come along with us. Kartik asks the guard not to be rude. Guard asks them to go home and sleep. Kartik asks Naira to come. Naira says I will talk to their seniors about this. They go inside the home. Kabeer says I didn’t see Naira’s face, Kartik is a big hurdle in my love.
Kartik asks Naira not to go, stop. She says I have to go. She leaves. Kabeer follows her car.

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