Bepanah Upcoming Twist: Rajveer shoots Aditya, Zoya shocked as Aditya hurt gravely

Colors' serial Bepanah has taken a huge turn with Rajveer's (Apurva Agnihotri) well planned and deadly attack on Hooda family and Zoya (Jennifer Winget). As seen in the latest episodes of Bepanah, Rajveer plants the bomb in the speaker during the Eid party in the Hooda house and when Zoya comes to know of it, he kidnaps her and locks her into the water tank. 

Aditya (Harshad Chopda) rushes to find and save Zoya as Rajveer reveals his evil acts to Aditya. As seen, Aditya saves Zoya and both rush to save Hooda family from the bomb blast.
Bepanah Latest: Zoya prays for Aditya's life

Aditya takes the speaker out himself to save the family. However, Rajveer once again attacks them and shoots Aditya. Zoya gets shocked with the turn of events while Rajveer uses Noor to escape from the police and getting caught. 

Hooda family and especially Zoya remains shell-shocked with the turn of the events. Zoya gets shattered to see Aditya battling for his life. In the upcoming episode, Zoya will be seen praying for Aditya's life. Will Zoya's prayers be answered?
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