The latest task of the Bigg Boss Marathi house earned negative feedback from the audience.
The contestants witnessed a dictatorship on the show and Nandkishor was the one, who was ruling the entire house.

Not just the audience but host Mahesh Manjrekar himself has expressed his disappointments at Nandkishor’s behaviour during the task. Mahesh expressed his feeling on Twitter. He tweeted “I am ashamed today!” and added the angry emoticons too.
When tried to contact him to know his views more on this, he remained unavailable. 

Mahesh has always raised his voice against the objectionable things that take place inside the house. But this is the first time that he has expressed his thoughts on social media.
Nandkishor was appointed as the dictator in the house. While performing the task, he reportedly tried to torture the other contestants on the show. He asked Sharmishtha for a body massage and asked Megha to wash the dirty clothes of all the housemates. He also told her to dry the clothes by hanging them on her hands.

Not only did he ask Pushkar to polish his shoes, he also gave him a severe punishment. He asked Sai to keep singing for the entire night.
So now, it will be interesting to see how Mahesh Manjrekar reacts to all the physical torture which Nandkishor has subjected the housemates to in the Weekend Cha Dav episodes

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