On Saturday’s Bigg Boss 2 Telugu episode, Nani was back as the host and he stressed on this fact when he met the housemates through the television screen. Nani also called out contestants for their unfair games and unethical behaviour throughout the week. Deepthi Sunai and Keeriti were the two contestants whose behaviour has disappointed the audience, and Nani made sure that everyone in the house knows the truth about these contestants.
On Friday, Amit took control of the house as the captain and he found a way to cool down the temper in the house. He said, “As a captain, I feel that if you have any disagreements with someone, at the end of the day just go give them a hug and finish it off on the same day. Nani applauded this and hoped that the coming week is a better one.

Nani also asked Samrat if he thought that he, Samrat, was a good captain, to which he replied that he had tried to work with love and that was taken for granted by the housemates. Nani also pointed out that the housemates don’t find Tanish, Tejaswi or Samrat to be the right captain as the three of them are thought of as a team.
Tanish was also told to control his anger and Nani specifically shared that the audience does not find his outbursts entertaining or correct. He also told the contestants that Deepthi Sunaina is not a kid anymore. He showed footage of Deepthi speaking about the housemates to Nandini and Nani explained that speaking about someone else behind their backs, especially when they have been taking care of you so well, is not a characteristic to be appreciated. He also announced that she is protected this week.

Nani also applauded Babu Gogineni for the way he speaks and treats any given issue in the house. While everyone thought of Samrat as an inefficient captain, Babu explained that by listening to all the housemates and dealing with issues patiently, he was the right captain for the first time.
The discussion then turned to Keeriti and Kaushal’s fight in the house during the captaincy task. Nani asked Keeriti why he tortured someone where they were tied by claiming to be a saviour for women. He showed footage of Keeriti speaking to Tanish about his ‘range’ when compared to Nutan’s to the housemates. He also pointed out that it is not okay to question someone’s character like that.

When speaking to Nani, Kaushal burst out and yelled that the housemates are all acting and targeting him and emotionally torturing him. He also asked Nani how his wife would answer his kids if they hear about this and Nani empathises.
Nani ended the show by stressing on the fact that anything can happen in Bigg Boss and the housemates have to be ready to accept the challenge. So they should take a good night’s rest before the elimination.

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