Nani’s Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house was full of fun and laughter on Sunday. The housemates performed some fun tasks and audiences found out who was best friends with whom. The housemates were asked to write the name of their best friend on an envelope and rate them on a scale of 20. The envelopes then reached Nani, who read out tasks that had to be performed by the best friend, which is equal to the rating they have received.This turned out to be a hilarious task.
Amit called Roll Rida his best friend and had him jump like a frog 18 times. Geetha said Shyamala was her best friend and had her eat 18 bajjis. Kaushal said his best mate was Nutan and that translated into Nutan rolling 18 chapatis. Bhanu wrote Deepthi Sunaina’s name and the two of them had to do 10 sit-ups. Sunaina wrote Bhanu’s name and the two of them were asked to take 10 shots of lemon extract. Roll Rida also wrote Bhanu’s name, which meant she had to drink an entire jar of lemon extract.

The best two tasks were when Kireeti wrote Babu’s name as his best friend and when Tanish wrote Tejaswi’s name. The first resulted in Babu kissing Kireeti’s hand 20 times while Tanish, Samrat and Tejaswi had to gulp six raw eggs each. The task also showed that Deepthi was one of the most loved member in the house with three housemates calling her their best friend.
When everyone was done with their tasks, Nani revealed that it was time for eviction and while Ganesh was in the protected zone, threat loomed large over Kaushal and Nutan.

Before announcing who has been eliminated, Nani asked Kaushal why he thought he was leaving the house. Kaushal gave up even before the results were announced and spoke about the thousands of people who voted for him and how they might feel. He then announced that Nutan has been evocted.
Nutan left the house and Nani played a video of Nutan’s highs and lows during Bigg Boss.

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