Bigg Boss Telugu 2 began right where Nani left off during the weekend episode. Tanish, who realized that his behaviour was inappropriate, apologised to Kaushal and said he had anger issues. He also promised to stay objective in the coming weeks. Kireeti, who was called out for being mean to Kaushal, also explained his behaviour.
Geetha, Deepthi, Nandini, Kaushal, Ganesh and Shyamala strategised about the upcoming nominations even though it is against the rules.

Bigg Boss then sent a letter to the housemates, which had instructions about a fun game that the housemates were supposed to play. Each envelope had a characteristic that the housemate had to associate with one contestant. What followed was a fun 10 minutes of each housemates naming one contestant that they thought was a Casanova, weirdo, sloth and so on.
Then we saw Tejaswi and Samrat bond over food, exercise and more. From the background song attributed to them, it looks like there might be some romance in the Bigg Boss house this season

Later, housemates gathered in the living room for the nomination process. However, Bigg Boss announced that it would be an open nomination as housemates are always discussing who to nominate. This is a punishment for discussing and strategising about evictions.
After the contestants announced who they wanted to nominate, Ganesh, Kireeti, Bhanu, Geetha and Tejaswi are in the danger zone.

After this, Tejaswi asked her friends Samrat and Bhanu why it is wrong to point out that one should play a smart game (Deepthi stated this as the reason for nominating Tejaswi) and similarly everyone discussed why they had been nominated.
The day ended with Nandini and Bhanu arguing over coffee vs tea. Suddenly Nandini yelled at Bhanu to stay within limits but it is hard to fathom what was the reason.

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