TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 is all about fun of late.
Post the sugarcane juice making competition between Team Yellow and Team Green in the previous episode, the Luxury Budget task has a new twist in the tale.

According to the new regulations, Bigg Boss awarded group leaders Kiriti (Team Green) and Kaushal (Team Yellow) some amount of cash. And every housemate (belonging to either of the two teams) is allowed to switch to the opposite team based on the money offered to them.
A 1 minute 6 seconds promo video has been released a short while ago wherein Tejaswi can be seen turning tables and Kaushal plotting against the opposite team already.

In the previous episode, the contestants were seen indulging in outdoor activities as a part of the Luxury Budget task. The housemates were divided into two groups (Team Red and Team Green) and assigned a task of extracting sugarcane juice.
Both the teams had their share of conflicts in the due course of the task. And the upcoming episode is expected to be spicier with the drama revolving around money.

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