'Cheppandi Prabhu' task is in progress in Bigg Boss house. The servants' team did not lose the unity, but Sanjana's team is going through ups and downs. While Tejaswi, Taneesh, Samrat, and Ganesh are possessing a similar opinion, Kaushal and Sanjana are expressing one opinion. Deepthi Sunaina is staying calm. In the servants' team, everyone is disinterested about Nuthan Naidu. They have an opinion that Nuthan Naidu is not being himself but playing the game with a strategy. Kaushal and Sanjana are unhappy with the other team members in treating the servants.
Sanjana and Kaushal decided to organize a fashion show in Bigg Boss house. The males from servants team are asked to dress as women, and the females of the team are asked to dress as gents. Babu Gogineni has restricted himself from participating in the show as Fashion Shows, in general, are against his principle. He has made it clear to his team members but didn't explain to Sanjana team.
The task reversal took place in the house. Sanjana's team turned servants now, and Kireeti's team are the owners of the house. Babu Gogineni has requested his team members to be organized to which everyone accepted. Kireeti is the head of their team, and Shyamala is the official representative for assigning the tasks. Sanjana's team is enjoying the game as Kireeti's team is giving reasonable and enjoyable tasks.
On the other side, Kireeti has become down for some time as he is struggling to adjust with the format of the game show. Roll Rida tried his best to motivate Kireeti and bring him back to the normal mode.

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