Ishita takes her wifey avatar slaps Tanya protecting Raman from her creepy move in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein seems to bring forward very exciting track after a long time,

Raman is leaving no stone unturned to hurt Ishita, that he plans a date with Tanya in the same restaurant where Ishita came with Roshni.

Raman intentionally gets lovey-dovey with Tanya and eats food from her hands.
Ishita feels so jealous that she takes her wifey avatar and comes to confront Tanya for trapping her husband in her chakravyuh.

Ishita and Tanya's catfight
Raman hides his feelings for Ishita and gets glad seeing Ishita and Tanya's catfight.

Though Tanya is not ready to leave Raman, Ishita will slap Tanya and will leave the restaurant taking Raman with her.
Soon Ishita's jealousy and he stand for Raman will make Raman realize Ishita's love and he will forgive her.

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