Ishqbaaz: Shivaay and Anika's major confrontation Priyanka turns out to be big reason

In the upcoming storyline of Star Plus daily soap Ishqbaaz,

Shivaay and Anika will confront each other over a drastic clash.

Priyanka falls sick after she eats Dosa made by Anika, the cashew nut allergy drags Priyanka in critical condition and this rages Shivaay's anger at hell.
Shivaay confronts Anika and insults her, he ruthlessly humiliates Anika and blames her for Priyanka's critical condition while this breaks Anika into tears.

Priyanka brings Anika to Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay will take revenge from Anika where he will make Anika homeless.
Though Shivaay misunderstood Anika, Priyanka confesses the truth to Shivaay after she gains conscious.

Priyanka will be bringing Anika and her family to Oberoi Mansion after she faced Shivaay's humiliation.

Let see how Shivaay and Anika will come close again.
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