The Episode starts with Jiana and Kritika coming to Ranbir’s house. Kritika gets Vikas’s call and he asks her to come to office urgently. Jiana says ok and says I will say sorry to Ranbir. Kritika says I will call him. She thinks to call him and calls him, but he doesn’t pick the call as he is arrested. Jiana comes inside and asks about Ranbir. Sevrant tells her everything. Jiana is shocked and still believes Ranbir. She calls Kritika, but her phone is unavailable. Kritika reaches office. Vikas tells her that rich people think that they can do anything and the law can’t do anything. Kritika asks what happened? Vikas tells about Batra and he couldn’t think that something bad can happen with his daughter. He tells that Ranbir is involved in the case and I will make sure to get him arrested. Kritika says he is Ranbir Kapoor, a celebrity and asks what did he do? Vikas says I make my daughter understand not to run after guys like Ranbir and says he didn’t leave Malishka. Kritika is shocked.
Vikas tells Kritika that Ranbir molested Malishka. Kritika is shocked and asks what? He says Malishka used to respect him and went to hotel as he called him. He says he molested her in hotel room. Kritika asks when did he happen? He says yesterday night. Kritika is shocked. Balraj and Mahima come to the Police station. Lady Inspector tells that she will not leave Ranbir. Mahima says he is innocent. Batra comes there and says he will not let Ranbir freed as he is Diljala father. Akki comes and says he will not leave until he takes his brother with him. He brings the lawyer with him with bail papers. Lady inspector checks the papers and says we have to bail him out. Batra says he has molested my daughter, don’t bail him out. Lady says it is court orders. Batra says then arrest me so that I don’t have to answer anyone. He acts to commit suicide. Constable stops him. Balraj asks what he is doing? Batra says Revenge and tells that he took revenge on them. Akki asks why is he doing this and what he wants, property, money etc. Batra says they are valuing my respect back.
Batra asks them to return her respect and then asks Lady Inspector to get justice for them. Lady Inspector promises him. She asks Balraj to sign on the papers and warns Ranbir saying he will be punished if he is guilty. Malishka sheds fake tears. Lady inspector gives them water. Batra drinks water. Vikas lies to Kritika and says Batra and Malishka would be coming here. He feels pity on her. Malishka and Batra come there. Kritika sees marks on Malishka’s hand which she made herself and misunderstands Ranbir.

Vikas asks how are you? Batra acts as Kritika is standing. He says Ranbir is bailed out in two house after doing a big crime. He says we have risked our lives for justice and says everything is in your hand now. Vikas asks Kritika to get water. He then congratulates Batra after sending Kritika. He asks them to get ready to get the property, land and wealth, everything is yours. Batra, Vikas and Malishka smile. Kritika gets the water and thinks if this is his real face or what happened last night. She misunderstands him and thinks him wrong.
Jiana tells Kritika that Ranbir is innocent and he didn’t do anything. Kritika says I met malishka and her condition is bad. Kritika asks her not to take her side.

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