Kundali Bhagya: Preeta to bring tiff amid Karan and Rishabh on a contrary note

ZEE TV Daily soap Kundali Bhagya is gearing up for another high voltage twist in the storyline.

Earlier it was seen that how Mahesh learns about Rishabh's feelings and love for Preeta.
On the other hand, Rishabh confesses to Srishti that he will marry Preeta if Prithvi Preeta's alliance will break.

Though Rishabh's love for Preeta is true and unconditional, Karan also posses the same feelings for Preeta.
Preeta's mixed feelings for Karan Rishabh
Sooner or later Rishab and Karan's love for Preeta will bring in new twist in the storyline.

Although Preeta has mixed feelings for both Karan and Rishabh, it would be highly intense to watch whom Preeta will select as her life partner, and how the twist will bring tiff amid Rishabh and Karan.
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