Bepannah: Mr Hooda helps Zoya and Aditya to fight Rajveer
The upcoming episodes of Colors daily popular show Bepannah will witness some major twist and turns.

It was earlier seen that Rajveer (Apoorva Agnihotri) is behind Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopra) and wants to end their life.

Rajveer will be seen torturing the duo for the crime that they have not committed.
Shockingly Mr Hooda will make Rajveer repent for his crime and will get him suspended for uselessly torturing his son and Zoya.

On the other hand Zoya and Aditya will be finally relief that Rajveer is out of their life.

Rajveer promise to return back
Will Zoya and Aditya be able to unite or not?
It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

Stay tuned for more exciting gossips and updates

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