The Bigg Boss 2 extravaganza has begun. There was lot of curiosity about how Nani will handle the show and whether he will be able to match up to the verve and spontaneity of NTR. Also, Nani does not enjoy the image and range that NTR has. Yet, Nani has managed to be on his own and created quite an impression with the first episode itself. He capitalized on his energy and dynamism. Though he is not as spontaneous as NTR was, he managed to prove his mettle.
While the introduction of the participants was routine, Nani managed to add his charm. In Season 1, NTR has covered lot of shortcomings with his presence of mind. Nani is yet to score on this count. As the show progresses, he might come into his elements. He is yet to add the promised ‘Masala.’  
He has handled the situation quite well by making Deepti Sunayana hug him and by reacting emotionally when Shyamala talked about her 11 month baby boy. He also introduced Kireeti Damaraju as ‘Pellikani Prasad.’ Nani needs to up his verve with each passing episode and handle the situations with spontaneity.  Nani’s real challenge begins from next week. So, let’s wait and see how he fares.

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