The Episode starts with Parmeet saying Romi needs money for his flat, he isn’t getting money, we won’t do anything with Roshni, everyone will doubt on Romi or Shagun, when we get money, we will leave Roshni. Simmi asks how will we do this. He says leave everything on me, this time mission kidnap for the golden eggs laying hen. Raman says Romi thinks I don’t care for him, I m doing this for mummy, didn’t you see her state, she wants Adi’s child, I just want her to be happy. Ruhi says I will explain Mihika, she will talk to Romi. He says you convince Ishita to send Roshni here. She says I went there and saw her installing CCTV camera, she is scared for Roshni’s safety. Parmeet looks on. Raman says that means she doesn’t trust me, after all this, we gave her a chance, my mum asked mefor on thing, I m not able to give that to her, I feel like a loser. She says we will figure out something.
He says we can’t get Roshni without financial security. She says you want financial security, Mr. Bhalla named this house to me during my childhood case, so its on my name, I will transfer this to Roshni’s child, then no one will have a problem. He says you told a big thing today, I m proud of you, I should thank Ishita for this, she made you like her, being selfless and thinking for others. He hugs Ruhi and says I can’t do this, I can’t make the family insecure to give security to Adi’s child, this will be dad’s house, I promise Roshni and her child will come in, I wish everyone has such daughters who become dad’s strength, thanks. She smiles and hugs him.
Roshni asks Ishita to go, none will kidnap her, now CCTV will be fixed too, there is emergency in clinic, go fast. Ishita says just take care of yourself, call me up if there is something, lock the door. She goes. Parmeet comes there and rings the bell. Roshni asks who is there. He says I have to fix CCV camera. He asks where shall I keep these boxes. She says here. He makes her faint by making her smell the chloroform. He covers her with a chunri. He keeps Romi’s kerchief there and says this is my ace to mislead Ishita. He takes Roshni and says don’t worry madam, hospital is close. Guard opens the door of the car. Parmeet says Ishita has sent me to take Roshni to hospital. A lady looks on. Parmeet says now it will be fun, I m kidnapping Roshni under your 24 hours surveillance. He drives off.
Raman comes to Mihika and asks is everything fine. She says yes. He says its the papers of partnership firm, Romi is annoyed as I was giving shares to Roshni, I m not doing this now, I will become the guarantor for him. Mihika says you don’t need to do this. He says I need to, tell Romi that I m sorry, I lost a lot and I can’t lose Romi now, he can stay away from house, not heart, just tell him that I love him a lot. She says I m sorry on his behalf, he is angry but he will undersatnd he is making a big mistake. Parmeet and Simmi get Roshni to some dark place. She says what if Roshni or anyone has seen you. He says no, I had worn the cap.
She keeps few things. She says if anything happens to her child, it will be a big problem, did anyone see your car. He says no, I changed the car number plate, I m an expert in this, Roshni didn’t see me either. She says we shall go home. He says we should go and watch a movie so that they don’t doubt on us. She calls him smart. He thinks this time someone else will be trapped. Raman asks what’s all this. Aaliya says Adi gave this share certificate to me, I want to give this to Roshni and her child. He says no need, you have a right on it. She says Adi’s child has the rights, I m ready to do all this happily. He says you are getting emotional. She says no, please call the lawyer, I have no rights on these shares, don’t worry, I m project manager in Pihu industries, I m capable right. He hugs and thanks her. Ishita calls Roshni. She gets a call from CCTV technician.
He says no one is opening the door. She says Roshni is at home. He says maybe nobody is inside. She says come tomorrow, maybe she is sleeping. She rushes home and calls out Roshni. She checks the room and washroom. She checks for her notes. She calls doctor and asks did Roshni come for checkup. She sees some boxes of CCTV camera. She says how did this come here if that man couldn’t come in. She goes to neighbors and asks about Roshni. Lady says I have seen her going out with some guy, she appeared unwell, the guy was wearing a cap. Ishita says I need to inform police. He sees the kerchief fallen. She gets shocked. FB shows Ishita and Mihika helping Raman and Romi while they are hurrying for office. Ishita gives the kerchief to Raman.
Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihika to scold Romi. She says its their responsibility to handle things, why do you help Raman and Romi, let them manage. Raman says Ishita is perfect, but this is Romi’s kerchief, it has his perfume. Mrs. Bhalla says they used to do this in childhood also, I used to embroider R1 and R2 on the kerchiefs for Raman and Romi, I will embroider on this one too. FB ends. Ishita says it means this is of Romi.

Ishita asks where is Roshni. Raman says call Simmi and Parmeet and ask them. Ishita says just ask Romi first. He asks what, how can you blame my brother. She shows the kerchief and says I m doubting on him because of this.

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