The Episode starts with Simmi asking did you keep tickets. Parmeet says yes, I showed my face to watchman, he would be thinking I m mad. She says we shall go home now. He says we are going to icecream parlor, we played a safe game this time, don’t worry. Ishita comes home and asks where is Roshni. Raman says you didn’t let her come here. Ishita says she is missing. She checks and asks where is she, where did you hide her, I know someone from this family got her here, tell me where is she. Raman asks where are Simmi and Parmeet, call them. She says ask Romi first. Mihika asks what, are you doubting on Romi. Ishita says I have a reason for this.
Raman asks on what basis are you doubting him, my brother can’t do this. She shows the handkerchief and says its written R2, mum did this embroider, smell it, there is a strange smell in it, Roshni was fainted by this. Mihika says Romi didn’t use this since long. Ishita asks how did this come in my house. Raman says anyone can plant this, he has two dozen similar handkerchiefs. Ishita says call him and ask. Mihika says he can’t do this, please stop it. Shagun calls Aaliya and says Mrs. Chadda changed the menu, why can’t you handle it directly. Aaliya says fine. Shagun asks why do you sound distracted. Aaliya asks is Roshni with you. Shagun says no, what happened. Mani asks Shagun to put call on speaker. Aaliya tells everything. Mani asks what, Romi’s handkerchief, he called me and wanted me to become guarantor, I refused to him, is he doing this.
Shagun says relax, we will come there. Mani says I have to tell everything to Raman, I believe Romi can’t do this. Mrs. Bhalla says my Romi can’t do this. Aaliya says maybe Romi did this, Mani just called and said Romi wanted him to become guarantor, but he refused, maybe Romi kidnapped Roshni to take revenge from Raman. Mihika cries and asks them to stop it. Romi comes. Raman asks him to come, Roshni is missing and Ishita is telling that you are behind this. Romi asks what, what will I get by kidnapping her, why do you believe her, she speaks nonsense. Ishita says fine, is this yours? I found it at my house, it has some medicine by which Roshni was fainted, she is missing since 3 hours, what shall I think, what should I do, don’t know how is she. Roshni gets conscious. She gets shocked seeing the place. She says where am I. She sees the cap and recalls the man. She says I m kidnapped. She calls out for help.
Simmi and Parmeet come home. Romi says just Parmeet can do such a cheap thing. He asks Parmeet when did he get his kerchief from cupboard. Simmi says leave him, are you mad, we have got nothing to do with Roshni. Raman asks where were you till now. Simmi says we went to watch a movie. Parmeet shows the movie tickets. Raman asks do you think I m a kid to believe this. Parmeet says if you don’t believe me, ask any security man there, he will tell you I was watching the movie, you insulted me a lot, if you do this again, I will file a defamation lawsuit. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to take Parmeet inside. Simmi and Parmeet go to their room. Parmeet says you did good acting. She says I didn’t forget Ananya’s loss sorrow, I know their drama, I have to trouble them. He agrees. He says I m making a ransom call. She says let him worry for more time, its fine we have given food to Roshni, real fun is yet to happen, Ishita will doubt on everyone, especially Shagun. Shagun says I know you will doubt on me, I have come to help, I swear on Aaliya, I m not involved in this. Mani says yes, trust us, we got a call from Aaliya and came here.
Ishita asks who has taken away Roshni. Raman comes and says I spoke to commissioner, he said he can’t take any step before 24 hours, but he will help us if we have any solid evidence against the kidnapper. She says I got this kerchief, Roshni was fainted by this, I think we should get this tested in the lab, we can find out who has bought this herbal oil. Raman says I will take this to the lab, Mani and Romi, stay here and keep an eye on Simmi and Parmeet. Raman and Ishita leave. They reach the lab. The man says you were right, the kerchief has a herbal medicine on it, its not available in every shop, I will message you about the shop. Raman and Ishita reach the shop and ask for the person who bought the herbal medicine. The man asks are you police to question me.
Ishita says its about someone’s life. They give different answers. Ishita and Raman say we are husband and wife and we are friends. The man says this can’t happen , tell me your names. Raman says Raman Bhalla. Ishita says Ishita Iyer. They start arguing. Raman says let me deal with him. He says look, we are husband and wife, but we don’t stay together, so our answers don’t match. The man’s daughter asks him to ask them to kiss if they are really husband and wife. The man praises her. He asks Raman and Ishita to prove that they are husband and wife. Ishita asks how. The man says kiss…. Ishita says what nonsense. Raman says we can dance and show. The man says dancing and kissing are different things, what’s the problem to kiss if you are husband and wife. Ishita says we are helpless now and…. Raman kisses on her cheek. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays….. Raman asks the man who has come to buy the medicine. The man says let me think. Raman says don’t get any wrong meaning, I did this for Roshni. The man says I haven’t seen that man’s face, there were many customers that day, he was wearing a black cap. Ishita says yes, neighbor also told this. The man says I didn’t see anything else. She says this is my number, call me if you remember anything. The man’s wife asks him to come and have breakfast. Raman and Ishita leave. She says how will we find Roshni. Raman says how will we find a man wearing a black cap, I m worried for Roshni. She says I m really worried for her. Roshni says my child is hungry. She cries and eats something. She says don’t worry, Ishita would be coming. She calls out Ishi maa….

Raman and Ishita are at a temple. Roshni tries to leave from ventilation duct. Pandit blesses Raman and Ishita’s jodi. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..

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