The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Amma arguing and naming the dishes they will make. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says you can make anything like that. Amma says south indian food is tasty. They argue. Aaliya asks Ishita to come. Ishita says relax, hold on. Aaliya says this idea was bad. Ishita says no, don’t make ten dishes each, why to distribute food for free, just make 5 dishes each, we will keep 2 oily and 3 healthy. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma shake hands and hug. Mrs. Bhalla says we will make a list and you get the items.

Simmi goes and asks Parmeet to see their bonding. Parmeet says Ishita is bad news, these people were living separately, they have started coming since Ishita came here. She says I hate her, I wish she goes away. He says its tough, I don’t think this will happen,
your brother dances on Ishita’s tunes. Ruhi says you are really a savior, you handle everything easily. Raman says you are a bigger rockstar, you could handle it better than me, shall we go home. She asks why so soon. He says we can do work from home, we will have lunch with everyone, its been a while. She asks with everyone or with just Ishimaa. He says why do you think I m interested to dine with Ishita, Roshni is also at home. He gets a call and says I m on the way home, you can reach there.
Raman and Ruhi come home. Raman says we came home as there was no work in office. Ruhi says no, Raman has finished the work so soon, he wanted to dine with Roshni and everyone. Ishita looks on and smiles. They all dine together. Two bodyguards come. Raman says they are Roshni’s bodyguards. Ishita asks why, what’s the need. He says I was scared for Roshni when she was kidnapped, I hired them, we will be satisfied that Roshni is safe, I m doing this for Roshni’s safety and betterment. Mrs. Bhalla says think about time, we have to make party food. Roshni says we also want to work, tell us something. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to keep an eye on Simmi and Parmeet, tell us if they come out. They all cook. Parmeet comes home. Pihu whistles. He looks around and goes to room. Roshni smiles. Simmi comes out of her room. Pihu whistles again. Roshni laughs. Pihu asks where are you going. Roshni goes to loo. Bodyguards follow her and stand in the room. Roshni says I want to sleep for some time. The man asks her to sleep.
They turn away. She says excuse me, can I stay alone for some. The man says sorry, its out duty, we can’t leave you alone. She says I will go to Ishita and tell her. She goes to Ishita and says its too much. Ishita says I will talk to Raman. She says the bodyguards are not leaving Roshni. He says its their work to protect Roshni, don’t forget she was kidnapped. Something goes in his eyes. She cares for him. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. Ruhi and Pihu look on. Pihu says everything will be fine, when Ishita and Roshni come to stay. Ishita says you both did it. Everyone claps. Bala says we will take both the cars and help Aaliya. Roshni asks shall I come along. Raman says not a bad idea, Ishita you also come along. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask Ishita to go. Ishita agrees. The lady says the dishes are really mindblowing, thanks. Ishita says do give us a feedback. Bala says Mrs. Bhalla called and asked about delivery, when we enter the home, just do as I said. They agree and leave.

Mrs. Bhalla says they didn’t inform whether Mrs. Chadda liked the food. Everyone comes home and appear silent. Mrs. Bhalla worries. They laugh. Aaliya says they liked the food a lot. Mrs. Bhalla says that’s very good, its our first win. 
They all dine. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get green tea. Raman says that won’t help. Ishita says Roshni and I will leave now. Raman says why, Roshni looks happy, stay back. Ishita says everything is sorted now, I m sorry, but I know you all have done a lot, but Roshni won’t have a problem there, since Raman has hired two bodyguards. Raman stops Ishita. He asks her to take the papers, this is the legal notice, I m filing custody case for Adi’s child. They all get shocked. He says I knew you will take Roshni, I had to fight the custody battle. Ishita says it means you showed a fake concern, Roshni isn’t safe here, we don’t know who kidnapped her. Raman says she got kidnapped from your house, where is she safer. Ishita says sorry, I can’t let her stay here.

Raman says this is the reason why I made these papers, you are forcing me, then don’t blame me. She says its all my mistake, I should have not got her here. Ruhi says discuss the matter calmly. Ishita says how can we discuss, he is dragging us to court, how shall I trust him. He says you are saying about trust, we are tolerating her for Roshni’s sake. She says you are just interested in baby, you would have fought the custody battle any way, I understood your game. He says good, yes I had prepared the papers, the baby is this family’s heir, he will come in this house, that’s it.
Simmi says I know you hate me, I also don’t love you, you will be thankful to me for this, Raman made plans for Roshni. Ishita asks Ruhi does Raman want to send Roshni to London after the baby is born. Ruhi says actually…. Ishita says I got my answer.

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