The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira getting shocked. Kritika says he is same Kittu who got stuck in lift that day, I asked you to make ginger tea for him, why did he go before I came back, we are friends now. She asks him to return the towel fast, else Naira won’t become his friend. Kartik sees the towel and says this is her towel. Kritika says yes, you can wash it and give it later, have your towel. She goes on her mum’s call. Kartik sees Naira and says I want to clear things, none of this was planned, it was all sudden. She says I know you didn’t come after me, when you didn’t come on my call, how will you come without my call. She cries. He shuts the door.
Naksh comes to Kirti and says you are seeing baby’s pictures again, are you thinking of doctor’s words. She says no, I was reading my name. He reads the news. He reads…… the designers have announced an exhibition, known designers like Kirti and others will be participating in it. He hugs her and says I m so proud of you, I will take you out, tell me what will you have. She says icecream. He says you will eat sweets today, you will catch cold by having icecream. He goes. She says I was seeing baby’s pictures and I happened to see my name.
Naira thinks what to do, shall I tell dad, no, he will get worried, but if not today, then he will know it some day. Kartik says what’s happening, first college and now building, we didn’t meet since 2 years, mum shouldn’t know. Naira says dad was hurt last time, the same thing again, no….
Suwarna says Dadi wants to meet children today. Surekha says I can’t come, I have a kitty planned today. Suwarna says we have to go on mum’s call. Surekha shouts fine, I will cancel my plans and go to haveli, are you happy now, its happening because of you. Akhilesh asks her to shut up and apologize to Suwarna. Surekha refuse. Manish asks them to at least think about the kids. Suwarna says let her say, I don’t care about it now. They go. Manish says sorry. Lav says its okay, send us to hostel. Kush asks him to end Naira and Kartik’s fight, Naira will end all other fights. Naira thinks of Kartik and makes kachoris. Chitti says miracle, you have made kachoris, what happened. Naitik says wow, you have made kachoris. Kartik gets the smell and wakes up. He thinks of Naira. He shuts the window.
Manish comes to Suwarna and sees her writing a note for Kirti. They smile. He checks some posts. He reads …. Imperial college invites you all for the change of trust organization. He hides the letter. She says I m not sure, but did you see any card from Mumbai. Manish says no, Kartik is in Mumbai, so maybe you heard so. She says maybe yes. She goes. He says sorry, I feel this is the right thing now.

Naitik says you have made kachoris, sorry I had to eat it, I won’t let your hardwork go waste. Naira says I didn’t know I will be affected with his coming, don’t know what will happen now. He asks her to go, else she will get late for the class. She says no, I can’t be late, else he will get a chance to scold me. Vaidehi comes and asks Naitik to come, they have to welcome society’s new member. Kritika says my mum can’t come. Naira says even my Papa can’t come, he has imp work. Vaidehi says he is part of welcome community. Naira says Papa is busy, Kritika take aunty, hurry up, the tenant can go office. Chitti takes kachoris. Naitik asks do you want to say something to me.
Everyone welcomes Kartik. Kritika says I m Kittu 1 and he is Kittu 2. Vaidehi asks Kartik about his family. Everyone offers help and give him advice. Chitti comes there. Vaidehi says Naitik was coming, but Naira stopped him for some work. Chitti says I left the tap open. He passes kachoris to Kritika. Kritika takes kachoris and says Naira has made this. Kartik says no thanks, I don’t eat this, I m sorry, I have to go. He leaves. He says I know she must have sent everyone purposely so that I get late, else why will she send kachoris for me. Devyaani asks Bau ji to go and rest, no need to help. He goes. Kirti smiles. Devyaani says he can’t sit idle for a min. Kirti receives a bouquet. Devyaani asks who sent these. Kirti says mum.
Devyaani says its good Suwarna tried. Kirti gets another bouquet. Devyaani asks now who has sent these. Kirti smiles and says Naksh. Devyaani says your relation is becoming stronger, I m glad seeing this. Kirti says thanks, Naksh cares for me a lot. Devyaani says you also care for him so much. Kartik calls his driver. He sees Naira. They see a taxi and hire for the same place. Driver says you have good tuning, if you speak together, then come together. Kartik stops her and says I have to reach college on time, I will take the time. She says I have to go, else the professor will scold me. They argue. Driver says your argument will cost me the door of this taxi, please spare the door. The lady sits and hires the taxi. Driver says whenever there is a fight, nothing good comes out of it. He goes. Naitik says I hope Naira remembers that she forgot her Id and comes back, else she will fall in problem. He rushes to Naira. Guard asks him to sign on notice. He says Naira is still at the gate, even the new tenant is there. Naitik goes to them.

Kartik asks Naira to answer the question. She gets a call and rushes. He gets shocked.

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