The Episode starts with Kunal saying sorry for whatever I did, I hope my guilt gets less by helping you. Naira says fine, it will be according to my plan, you tell everyone that Tanvi’s parents are ready to pay lakhs for the video, I will manage the rest. Kartik announces that the person who made Tanvi’s MMS is caught, he can’t share the info. He requests them to resume classes and follow normal routine. Naira thinks why is Kartik lying. Kartik says now he will get this news and get relaxed, it will get easier for us to reach him.

At a cafe, Suwarna says I have to finish this soon and go to my son. The lady asks her to think of his future, he can’t live alone, she knows a girl suitable for Kartik. Suwarna says I haven’t thought anything yet. Suwarna sees Bhabhimaa and
Devyaani behind. He goes. Bhabhimaa says Jyoti was talking to Suwarna about Kartik’s marriage. Devyaani says maybe you got mistaken, your hearing aid is also removed, leave it, we shall leave now by giving this donation cheque. Inspector says our team found the phone is in this college, we have to know who has it, it will be game over for him. Kartik asks are you ready, I will ask staff to be ready.
Dean says sure. Kunal and Naira see someone. Dean asks the students to gather at the auditorium, a famous personality will be coming to have a chat with us. Naira thinks they must have done for celebrity talk. Dean signs Kartik. Kartik says we will execute our plan after reaching the auditorium. Naksh throws the file. Kirti asks what’s that matter, why are you upset. He says Manish has sent Mehta to invest in my project. She asks is my dad not your dad, you mean how can any father-in-law help a guy, you have problem that he helped you or didn’t ask you. He says its not about intentions, but about situation, we need to consider the issues between both the families. She says you have issues with your dad too, think is it about our fathers or about your thinking. She goes. The man asks the students to leave their phones outside, its safe, they can take it later on.
Kunal says its good for us, I can tell them all, they all gathered here. Naira signs Kunal to tell more guys. She hopes the man gets caught by coming in Kunal’s words. Kartik sees her. Inspector says the hall got occupied completely, we will stop some students here. Kartik says I m here, make sure they don’t go out. All the phones are checked. Inspector signs no. A guy comes there. Kartik and Naira see him. Kunal talks to the guy. Naira says Tanvi, have you seen this guy before. Tanvi says yes, he is our classmate, he is Sunny, he is very cheap, he even tried to ask me for date. The police gets Tanvi’s MMS in a phone. Kunal gets shocked and signs Naira. Inspector tells Kartik. Kartik and Naira run to catch the guy. They both say he is the one who made the video. They see each other. Police arrests the guy. Dean, Dadi and others come.

Dadi says thank you very much for supporting me, sorry, no celebrity is coming here, this was our plan to arrest the culprit. Naira sees Kartik. Dean says management was not sure, Kartik definitely lead by example, Kartik was adamant to punish the culprit, this was his plan. Kunal says what a coincidence, Naira also didn’t wish to leave the culprit, so she laid this trap. Kartik thinks she never listens to me, I told her that I will handle it, look at her attitude, she didn’t tell me her plan and involved Kunal. The students say Kartik Sir rocks.
The girl says even Kunal and Naira helped. Kartik says you could have told me your plan. Naira says even you didn’t tell me. He says I m a trustee and you are a student. She says I felt… He says you felt that I forgot to respect women. She says I heard you are withdrawing the case. He says you listen something and understand something else, so you took an outsider’s help rather than talking to me. He goes. Tanvi hugs Naira and thanks her. She says you saved my life. Naira says Kartik and Kunal helped too. Tanvi asks where is Kartik, I will go to his office and thank him. She thanks Kunal. Kunal asks her to take care. He says Naira, I don’t know how to apologize, I know it was my fault, sorry, I really mean it. Naira nods.
Kirti says I think I should talk to Papa, maybe he can explain Naksh. She calls Naitik and says I m missing you a lot, just come here once. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. He says you know I m with Naira. She says I know, please come for few days. Kartik leaves angrily. Driver looks on. She hears the driver talking on call. He says Sir went somewhere in anger. She says is he upset with me. She leaves.
Naira comes home. She asks are you going somewhere. Naitik says yes, I m going Udaipur, Kirti called me urgently. Naira asks him to take Chitti along, we decided that either of me and Chitti will be with you always, I may take Kritika’s mum’s help. He says even Kartik and Dadi are here. She asks him to have food, she will do the packing. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…….. Kartik comes to some pub. The bartender asks what would you have today, regular drink? Kartik says no, I want one large glass of whiskey. He gets the bottle and asks him to attend other customers. He sees Naira thanking Kunal for helping to catch Sunny. Kunal says anything for you Naira…. They hold hands. Kartik looks on.
Naira gets a call and runs. She reaches the pub and sees Kartik drinking. She gets shocked.

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