The Episode starts with Dadi asking where were you all night, Suwarna was also calling. Kartik says I told you I had gone to my friend’s house. Naitik asks Kirti what’s the plan, there is much suspense. Kirti says I got you here to have coffee. He says you got me here to make me meet someone, right. He sees Manish. She says I was not sure, you both are meeting after a long time. Naitik says its okay. She says thanks, I called you two here to talk about Kartik and Naira, please sit. Suwarna says Manish tries to explain me with love and gives pills too, but my heart doesn’t understand. The lady asks her to go Shirdi and pray, Lord solves all the problem. Suwarna says I have been planning to do this too. The lady says look there, your husband and… Suwarna just sees Manish and Kirti.
She says its okay. The lady asks do you meet Singhania family. Suwarna says no, Manish and Kirti keep meeting, I keep trying to talk to Kirti, its fine, we come across sometimes.
At college, Kartik says Naira will get a chance to make fun of me. Peon tells Naira that Dadi called her in cabin. Kartik says why did Dadi call Naira, I hope Naira doesn’t tell her anything. Naitik says I m sorry if you feel bad, do you want to unite them. Manish says yes, Kartik and Naira are made for each other. Naitik asks did you convince Suwarna. Manish says I couldn’t, but trust me, the entire family is with me and want them to unite. Suwarna turns and sees them gone. She says they left so soon. Tanvi asks Naira to see the rain. Naira says I have much work, you go. Tanvi says you finish your work, I will find about inter dance competition in auditorium.
She goes. Kartik comes and says you should be happy to complain about me to Dadi, you can’t go without answering me. Naira goes to open the door. She says try and act little mature, I went to trustee cabin, Dadi wanted to talk about awareness program, she didn’t know we already planned this seminar, when she came to the college on Freshers day, she drew a line between personal and college affairs, I m following it, I expect the same from you Sir, locking a girl alone in a class don’t suit you. She goes. He says I need to talk to Naira. He finds the door locked. Manish says I m very hungry. Suwarna says I thought you will have food at the cafe, I went there with friend, we saw you and didn’t disturb you, I don’t want you to clarify, I don’t have any problem with you and Kirti’s meet, I will be glad if you tell me. Manish says did Suwarna see me with Naitik and doesn’t want to say, if this is true, then plan will flop before it starts. Naira comes to auditorium and asks for Tanvi. She wears headphones. Kartik comes there.
Kunal says its a really tough competition, we need to work hard, Naira are you dancing this time. Naira says no. Tanvi says come on, you look like a good dance. Kunal asks her to try and perform solo dance. He puts spotlight on her. Kunal says you have to dance now. Naira says please switch this off, where are you Tanvi. Tanvi says I m here, I will come when you agree for dance. Kartik looks on. The guy says Naira is here for technical instruction, I have to get others. He goes. Kartik wears the headphones and says I m sorry Naira. Kunal plays music and asks Naira to dance. Naira says I m not liking it. She recalls her fall. She says I can’t dance. Kunal and Tanvi ask her to dance. Naira cries and asks her to stop music, she can’t dance. Kartik checks and switches off the music. Tanvi says sorry, we were pulling a prank, what’s the matter, why are you so upset. Kunal says don’t cry, I feel guilty. Tanvi says I gave a try and danced. Naira says I can’t dance even if I want to. Kartik asks but why Naira. Naira looks around and sees him.

He asks why did you stop dancing, for the past two years. Kunal says did your husband or inlaws stop you. She says no, its a professional problem, I had injured my leg two years ago, so doctor advised me not to dance. Kartik gets shocked. She says I will be back and goes out.
Naira sees Kartik and runs. Her foot gets twisted. She gets hurt. Kartik lifts her and takes her to hospital. Dadi looks on. Suwarna is sleeping. She takes Kartik’s name and worriedly wakes up from sleep. Manish asks why are you so worried. She says I have seen a bad dream about Kartik, I feel as if my child is going away. He says he will come back to you very soon. She says mum’s heart never lies about her child. He says cook something good today, nothing wrong will happen. She says I have to go Shirdi and pray for Kartik. He says fine, we will go together once Kartik comes back, I will send tea for you. He goes. She says I will go there alone. Kartik asks driver to take them to a clinic. Naira cries. She says thanks, just drop me to hospital, I will manage the rest. He holds her leg and says I m not touching you for the first time. Morey saiyyan….plays….

Kartik asks doctor to check Naira. Doctor says she got a swelling in ankle, was there any injury before. She says no, just give any spray or painkiller. Doctor gets injection. Naira and Kartik shout no, and ask is this necessary. Kartik says she is scared of injections. She says no, I m not scared, I don’t like it. He says you got injured and I got you here, give medicines. She says I need an injection, its hurting a lot, give it. She cries and takes the injection. Doctor says we need to give one more injection. Kartik holds Naira’s hand. She says leave me. Doctor says your pain will be reduced in few mins, we have to take a x-ray. Naira says no, thanks, I don’t want to get a x-ray done.
Doctor asks Kartik about Naira’s old injury, there is much swelling, but she didn’t agree for getting an x-ray.

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