Major showdown in Courtroom amid Roshni Ishita and Bhallas in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

It seems that it will be very tough for Roshni and Ishita to win back the custody of the child.

Raman and Bhallas reach to Court where Ishita and Roshni also come.
The courtroom drama begins where Raman and the family is trying to prove that Ishita can't take proper care of Roshni and her child.

While the drama continues, Simmi comes in the witness box and admits against Ishita saying she is not taking care of the child and also because of her Roshni got kidnapped also.
Roshni loses hope
The fight continues while Roshni loses hope of justice,

At last but not the least, when Ishita fails to win the case of custody, Roshni decides to leave Ishita and give her child to Bhallas.

Will Ishita let injustice happen to Roshni?
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