Bepanah: Final exit of Yash and Pooja following Aditya Zoya's fresh start
Its been long since the show started, Aditya and Zoya were living in the pain of betrayal given by their spouses.

The daily TV Serial of Colors, Bepanah is moving forward to give a full stop to Yash and Pooja's love story.

Aditya and Zoya after reading Pooja's diary and learning the entire truth of Yash and Pooja's love affair,
They decide to overcome their spouse memories and eventually they destroy Yash and Pooja's old memories to begin a new life.

Aditya and Zoya become friends
Forgetting Yash and Pooja, Aditya and Zoya decide to begin their new life.

With the new beginning, Aditya and Zoya shake hands taking first ever step in LOVE, that is friendship.

Though they are yet not aware of their emotions and feelings for each other, the duos Aditya and Zoya are falling in love,
Now just only time will tell how they will become lovers from friends.

Are you all excited for this fresh start?

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